Post 356
(A guest post by Miriam C.)

January 25, 2018

My daughter, do not worry about anything, for it is all in my hands. The future itself cannot happen without me letting it. I will take care of you; you are under my protection.

I love you my daughter, and I have special plans for you. No one can take these plans away from you; they will happen because you accepted them . . . But I let you suffer like this because I have great rewards to follow. Your pain shall be healed and rewarded; you shall have a reward which no other has had, as the pain you suffered no other has suffered . . .

My daughter, I love you. I want you to take my heart and keep it close to you; I want you to love me as I love you. Let nothing separate you from your Father; let nothing separate you from your home in heaven. I will take care of you and watch over you always, and nothing can ever change this. I remember you when others don’t, I know you when others don’t, I love you when others don’t, and I do not forget when others do. Place your trust in me; lean on me as you would a staff. I will guide you as your shepherd; follow as sheep follow their master. Believe in me, and have no sorrow; do not shed tears, my daughter. I will console you when you are sad; come to me. I will call you. Never be worried about getting separated from me, for I am always with you. I will call you by name; heed my voice and return to me. I want to bring you closer; I want you to follow me further. Do not give up or lose hope. The time is drawing near. Do not try to forget how much you want it, do not ignore or disbelieve it. It is coming; I am coming. As the warm wind blows in soundlessly yet with a rush, I will come when no one is expecting, in triumph, and the trumpets will sound. The star will shine — the Bethlehem star; (it will be) shining in the east, near and far. I will bring warmth to this cold world and joy to the sorrowful. I will come again in a different way but for the same purpose — to lead my people. Those who disbelieved can feel my hands and side; and they will know it is I, and they will know it was I.

My daughter, I love you. Further than the blue sky, far beyond the moon and sun, deeper than the deepest sea — this is how great my love for you is. You are always loved. No matter where you go or what you do, I will always welcome you home and love you. Your dreams will come true, for I gave them to you. I offered you many gifts, and you accepted, and I will reward you for accepting; I will give you these gifts and vindications.

My daughter, here I am. It is I, your Father and Brother, Shepherd and Master. I will lead you and be with you always; never fear. I will show you the path when there is a fork in the road, and I will give you a bridge when there is a river in your way; I will redirect the way. If you follow me, nothing will stop you. Let me be your guide; put your trust in me and take my hand.


Post 355
(A guest post by Miriam C.)

January 19, 2018

My daughter, I am pleased you have returned. I was waiting for you; I wanted you to come. It is never too late to come to me, and it is never too early. Do not let anything keep you from me; remember what I have told you.

I said to you that you do not have to do anything more, and this is true. You have done all you needed to; you were willing to give even this up too, but you do not have to. Through your email, I gave her a message — a very important message, one which she needed to hear, and that I wanted to tell her. In her heart, she knows what she did, and she now knows to be more cautious. You can go to the party and be excited about this. It is in my hands; you do not have to worry.

Do not worry; you have enough time. Do not let this prevent you from coming to me. I will never be upset or angry with you for not coming to me. But I still want you to come, and I wait for you. Come closer to me; I still have many unrevealed mysteries and plans which I would like to tell you and many others. Do not hesitate to ask questions; for personal curiosity or on behalf of others. If you are curious about something, you also can ask me about it or talk to me about it. I know your personal interests; I know what you love and are interested in, and your interests are pleasing to me, and are part of my plan.

[What do you want to tell the world?]
I want to show them my love. I want to show them how much I love them. I want them to know me and accept me into their hearts. I want them to open their hearts, as doors opening to welcome me. I have many things I would like to tell them, but many do not listen to my voice or let me into their hearts.

. . . As for the messages (on, this is pleasing to me; many people read them closely . . . It has a stronger effect on those in need of help and in the countries mentioned. Those from these countries read the messages very carefully, and it gives them hope.

. . .

I love you very much; I have many plans for you. Come to me again tomorrow; I have more I still would like to tell you.


Post 354
(A guest post by Miriam C.)

January 18, 2018

My daughter, you have returned. What has kept you from coming to me? When you are lonely or in need of comfort, come to me. Do not let anything keep you away from me; when you do not come to me, and are not fed by my voice, the evil one wants to feed you lies. It is when you are sad or lonely that you will most likely believe them. Do not let him fill you with lies and make you discouraged. Come to me; do not wait or hesitate. And even if you do not come, do not let him (the evil one) then tell you I will be angry with you since you did not, which is reason not to come again. I will guide you; I will lead you. I am here so you do not become disheartened or give up. I am here for you, my daughter. I am here to answer your questions and tend to your every need. I am with you from sunrise to sunset, morning to night. I am always with you, guiding you to your eternal home.

Do not hide or feel sorrowful inside; tell me your worries or your woes. Let me be your comfort; let me be your courage. I am here with you always to lead you.

[Do you love me? Are you mad at me?]
My daughter, I love you far beyond imagination. Never let anyone or anything deny my love for you. I love you more than words can tell. I love you, my daughter, for you are my precious child whom I created. I made you, and I knew you before you were born. I was with you before you left the womb, and I will be with you through every part of this journey. My love for you is everywhere — in the ocean waves and in the starry night, in your dreams and desires, and in the promises . . . I remember you, and I watch you. I will take care of you, and I will show you the way; follow me, do not be afraid to take my hand and place yours in mine.

. . .

My daughter, do not worry, you have done all I have asked you to do. You were willing to give this up, for my sake. And this is all I ask. You will not have to give this up; believe me, for I know the future.

. . .

[Thinking about FTR]
You do not have to worry about thinking about my gifts; these are gifts I have given to you. Do not worry about day-dreaming or thinking about my promises; I have given them to you to think about. I tell you things about my gifts I will bring to you; I want you to be curious and imagine. You believe it will happen, so you imagine how it will be and what it will be like, as the little child wonders about heaven. I give my gifts to you for a reason . . . Others will also be blessed, those who are in FTR, for example, and others who are not in it. But as I have told you, I have chosen those in it for a special blessing. Those who have suffered for me will also be blessed, and those who have been hurt will be vindicated. Those who had pain will no longer. But those who caused pain and suffering will be made known, as well those who suffered from them. Those who did evil will be shown, and their actions will not be forgotten. Justice will come, but those who sincerely repent for their ways will be forgiven. I have plans for all, and (I know) how to provide happy endings and justice for all. Everyone will benefit from it, but everyone will have different parts in it, which they can influence.

I have offered gifts to many, and some have accepted, but most rejected them. Some have accepted some, and some will receive but are unaware. But those who knew what they were rejecting and still rejected it have lost the most.

They rejected me, and so to them I say: I came to you, for you called me. I offered to you what you asked of me. I appeared to you, for you asked to see me. I showed you, for you asked for a sign. I had for you what you asked of me, yet you then turned away from me and rejected me. You cannot say I did not hear you; you cannot say I did not come to you; you cannot say I did not show you. I came to you with the thing you had prayed for, and you rejected it as well as me. How could you reject what you longed for? This was what you wanted, yet you rejected it. This was what you needed, yet you rejected it. This was what you asked for, yet you rejected it.

As you have seen, people reject what they need and want, as some rejected heaven, though they would be happy and need it. For some it is confusing how I could let people suffer. They doubt my love because they hear of hard suffering. And sometimes I do allow suffering, to a point. I allow special sufferings, with huge graces and rewards. However, sometimes it is the case I showed them. I came to them and offered them my gifts in answers to their cries. And they rejected me. This is not always the case, but people reject more often than some would believe. Some exaggerate more often than some would believe. Some pretend to have more pain than they really do, and some exaggerate the numbers. They do this for their pleasure in the moment, for their own image for various reasons and motives — to get sympathy or attention, praise or awe. Yet when they exaggerate these numbers or their personal pains, they defame their Father. I let certain things happen for a reason. I prevent many others from happening for a reason. I prevent much more often than I let, and if you could see what I prevent, you would see the evil. Sometimes I use suffering as a test, to see if even when they are suffering or in a hard situation they chose me or the easier way. I tested the saints and prophets; their faith was tested, and it is their strong faith for which they are also admired. I am also testing you, in a way I have never let happen before, but with results that have never happened before. I will lead you through this journey; all you must do is take my hand, and follow my voice, as children. For you are always my child. Even when you are older, even when you grow old, you will always be my child, my daughter, as I am your Father.

[Question about FTR]
Analyze it as much as you find interesting; FTR is a gift I have given to you, and for others. You accept and believe it, and that is how there is such a thing. Do not hesitate to ask if you have questions about it; I will never leave you empty-handed.

Have no worries. Do not worry about the time; you came. This is more important than anything else you would have been doing. Read what you have written when you doubt; come to me when you are lonely, even if you cannot write it down . . . I will remind you when you forget, but come to me. I will guide you. I have not forgotten about you, and I watch over you always. I gave you your angel to protect you and for you.

. . . You will have enough time, do not worry.

Never doubt my love; never doubt my words. Remember what I have said. If you do not feel loved, come to me. My love is in this sunset, in the sea, all around. I will always love you; you are always my daughter, and you are very precious to me. You are my child whom I created; you are my daughter whom I shall always love.


Post 353
(A guest post by Miriam C.)

January 6, 2018

My daughter, I am glad you have come.

Do not worry about . . . it went well as I told you. And do not worry about this either, it will go away.

My daughter, always come to me. I know what will make you happiest, and I will give this to you. Do not ever assume that I have told you everything, or that there is nothing more I could tell you, because you do not know. And do not worry about writing something down just because it is mysterious. There are so many mysteries; even in the Church, there are things (people) do not understand. Trust in me; come to me, for I know the future, your future.

Your future will be filled with happiness, from sunrise to sunset. I will show you much other joy in the world. You shall be blessed, and those who harmed you will see, and be known . . . you will have victory at last. And the others on the earth who did good and need justice — they too shall be blessed, and rewarded . . .

And if you cannot hear me, call to your mother Mary.

On this day, many things will change, as I have told you. There will be a reversal, a change in daily life for all. Those who are wicked shall be shown, and those who are righteous shall be rewarded. Those who have suffered, especially in war, shall be healed. The hardships of poverty and war shall go, and those who suffer shall no more. I will reveal more soon. This day will be an important day for everyone on earth and in heaven. Families will reunite, and the families of those who died will be comforted by what they see and hear. They too shall rejoice. The displaced shall return to their homeland, and those taken hostage shall be set free. Humanity will see the world anew, and I will lead you.


Post 352
(A guest post by Miriam C.)

January 4, 2018

My daughter . . . Trust in me, I shall lead you.

Do not worry . . . all shall go well, for those who put in a full effort shall be rewarded.

. . .








Post 351
(A guest post by Miriam C.)

January 3, 2018

My daughter, I am always here. Even when you do not hear me, I am present. In the same way, when you receive the Eucharist, I am with you. Trust in me, and I will lead you. I will show you it is me through your inner instinct, your conscience. I will show you it is me by my voice; you know my voice, your Shepherd’s voice, and you know how the wolves sound. The wolf, the evil one, wants to frighten and make you believe that I do not have a plan or that he has a better one. Not only is his voice different but if it (the message) is ever distressing to you, it is not I.

Come to me through prayer, come to me through the Eucharist. Do not hesitate to come to me . . . Come to my home; you are invited, everyone is invited to this banquet. Do not be afraid to go; do not worry.

[Do you want me to go to Mass today?]
My daughter, never let anything hold you back from me. I told you to always come to me, especially when you are lost or lonely, through prayer. In the same way I invite you to come to me through the Mass. Do not be afraid to ask about it; I will not ask you to go (to Mass) every day. But now there is still enough time.

My daughter, do you have anything you want to ask me?

. . .

[Question about FTR]
Do not worry, my daughter, I will show you what to do or say and you need not be afraid of making ‘a mistake,’ I will not let you make an error in FTR . . . Individually, they (generally) mean well and are trying to do (generally, but not always) the right thing, to some extent. However, their group as a whole is not (always) pleasing to me. It is exclusive, and in FTR is yet another group inside a group. However, you do not have to do anything about this yet . . . do not worry, I will show you what to do; for all shall come clear soon.

If you have any more questions about FTR, do not hesitate to ask me; I will never leave you with nothing, and if I do not reveal it now, I will reveal it soon. If you do not know the answer, still come to me, and if you are unsure do not be afraid to ask me. I will guide those who come to me seeking guidance.

I will fulfill all I have promised in its time. I have not forgotten how much you want it, and
how much you and humanity need it. I know you would be in much sorrow and pain if it did not, and I will not fail to keep my promises. Keep waiting and trusting, for all shall be fulfilled.

Culture will fit into FTR, and the fact that there are people from all over the world, and that most do not know each other, is not all just a coincidence. I have chosen them. The people in it have a role, which I will later reveal and which I will give them if they accept.

. . .

My daughter, go in peace.



Post 350
(A guest post by Miriam C.)

January 2, 2018

My daughter, I am with you. Never hesitate to come to me. There are many ways to come to me — through prayer and the Mass, through the sacraments and through fasting, as well as many other ways. If you want to come to me and come closer to me, you can. I am waiting for you and ready for you with open arms. I want you to be happy and rejoice; I care for and love you like no other. I want you to come to me and I want to show you the way to heaven. I will guide you if you follow and accept my plan. I have a plan for everyone, for their future. And if you pray about your future and want to make the right choice, you will. If you do not care or have motives which are wrong, I will show you in some way that you are not choosing correctly, though you may not follow.

I speak to people more than they know; I speak through their conscience, I speak through atmosphere, I speak through coincidence and the similarities or situation. I speak through friends and relatives, not always but sometimes to certain people and through blogs or messages. I speak through the Pope and the Church, I speak to everyone in different ways. I speak through the sunset and the sunrise, the moon and the sun, the lamb and the wolves. Do not ignore what is around you and what I am trying to tell you. I will always show you the right path; I will not let you make a choice by mistake that is displeasing to me. I will never leave you alone to fall. Even if you ignore the sun, even if you ignore the stars, even if you ignore the vibrant colours of my love through the sunset or the books that have any good in them, even if you ignore your friend’s advice, even if you ignore your mother’s warning and the sirens in the distance, I still have many other ways to show you. I will never ‘give up’ on you, for somewhere in you is a heart, a soft spot which is not meant to be hardened or tough; it is supposed to be a caring heart, a merciful heart and one which is young.

Do not assume I only spoke to the saints or only to the people long ago. Do not assume that now I cannot speak to people because now is now and it is now impossible. No, at the time I spoke to some saints, no one would have guessed, for they felt the way people do now. Do not dismiss the possibility of miracles happening at any time; I do not come only when all is peaceful and just. Could it not also be when humanity is most in danger and most ignoring me, when it is corrupt and sorrowful and my children are calling for help? This is a time when humanity is in need. I will straighten the injustice and make known the wicked. The good I shall bless and evil shall be banished. I will show my children that I love them and show them my mercy. Turn away from your evil deeds, and repent, for the time is coming when I will reveal who did wrong and never admit it, never repented. Come to me, I will greet you with open arms, I will hold you close to me, I will hold you and love you with the same love I held you with when you were yet a child, long ago.


Post 349
(A guest post by Miriam C.)

January 1, 2018

My daughter, I am glad you came. Trust and believe, for all will be fulfilled in its time. I will come neither too early nor too late. It will be an at unexpected hour, but at the right one. Nothing will stop it from happening when it is supposed to; you will be ready and waiting, for I have told you and you have believed. I will come at a special hour, an hour and day which will never be forgotten in all of humanity. This will be a rebirth, a new chance and path for humanity.

All shall come together and stand in awe; all shall be there, and all will be amazed. They will see what they thought was impossible, and they shall hear what they never even imagined. Indeed, this day will be recognized and remembered through the ages throughout the world. Those who were there will always remember, and they will tell their children and their children’s children, and it will be passed down the generations. Those who could not hear will hear, and those who could not see will see the glory and love of God.

Heaven and earth shall be there, angels and archangels, saints, and prophets of old. When I come again, I will bring mercy and peace to the world. Mary, your mother, mother of the human race, mother of mercy, mother of the Church, she too shall be there. On this day, the world will change; life will change. Those who were faithful shall be blessed, and those who hurt me shall be revealed and no longer able to hurt and cause pain without being known. Some imagine being there on the day of crucifixion and scorn those who pierced me, and vow they would never hurt me, yet when you turn against me, you pierce my heart again.

On the day I come again, the valleys will blossom, and the deserts will flourish. Walls and borders dividing nations or countries shall crumble, and peace will come to earth. Weapons will go, and you shall embrace each other with open arms. This day will be remembered, remembered far beyond any other worldly event, and it will be remembered forever. It will be a special day, not only on earth but in heaven and all those still in purgatory will come to heaven on this day. My timing is perfect, and it shall be at the right time.

Much that was not previously understood in the Church will become clear or be revealed through me, but not all by me; (it will also be) through others, who I will show. The Church shall be recognized throughout the world and many will convert. The dismissal of religion will be addressed, and the ones who doubted me will see and feel me. They will feel my wounds and touch my side.

Justice shall come again and the corrupt shall vanish and the evil destroyed. The law shall be changed to be just, and the unjust rules which humanity set shall be broken.

On this day, all will see their angels, and they will know that they have one and understand. The sun and the moon shall be united, and the sky shall be painted as the rainbow. The Church will come to a new understanding and stage; a new light will be shone.

I will come and give you vindication; I will bring justice and truth. All who disbelieved will see, and all who told you it could not be shall be known. Those who long for me and pray for help shall be saved and healed.

. . .

My daughter … I love you. You are my daughter and I am your Father and Brother. Trust in me, for I will come again and the Word will be made flesh, as it was many years ago.

Post 348
(A guest post by Miriam C.)

December 30, 2017

My daughter, I love you very much. You … are my daughter, whom I love and care for. Never be afraid to come to me; for the Father is merciful and he always wants his children to return.

Do not dismiss what you hear from me as false because you do not understand it. Do not worry about these messages (being posted onto blog) for they are being carefully read, and though no one admits to reading them, they also think that they (the messages) are mysterious and mystical. Do not worry, for it is not your writing or voice, it is mine, and no other’s.

. . .

You do not have to worry about trusting. If it is not meant to happen, I will always tell you . . . I will give you signs, but if you are ever unsure you can ask me. Never hesitate to trust and believe in me, for you shall be rewarded for your belief.

. . .

My daughter, do not worry. Today is a new day. You needn’t worry about anything . . . Remember that I said you do not have to worry, for it is I speaking to you and no other. Go in peace.

Post 347
(A guest post by Miriam C.)

December 28, 2017

My daughter, do not be afraid or worried. Do not worry about the future. Do not think about how, if I did not give you what I have said I will, so much pain and sorrow would follow . . . No, I am here leading you up to the highest mountains and through the densest forests; I am here to guide you, and I am here to bring you courage to continue believing.

My daughter, do not worry . . . I will be with you all the way. Hold my heart close to your own and I will show you where to go.

. . . It will not be as difficult as you imagine. Do not worry, those who seek to find the truth will find it. Those who dig to find true gold will have it. Do not worry . . .


. . . I have chosen the people in it to accept it or reject it. I have chosen these people for this test. Those who want it and believe it will receive it, and those who disbelieve and do not want it or do not like part of it (something in it or someone in it), will not receive it . . . I reveal to you the thoughts and intentions, good or bad, and who is worthy or wanting to stay. I will show you who should come and go and who should or can come back for another try. I will not let something happen that is not supposed to or something to be revealed that should not come out yet. I deliver the words to them, let them hear what is meant for them to hear. Do not worry; I control FTR, and it is not you deciding. It is not something you should worry about.

[The future?]

My daughter, you will be very happy and the earth . . . also. Humanity will turn from its wicked ways, different kinds of evil than when I came years ago. They shall see the power of God and the love of their Father.

Many books will be destroyed and torn . . .

There will not be these mass killings or shootings, and peace will come. Justice and victories shall flood the earth.

. . . Wrong religious beliefs will be destroyed. Christian churches will be fixed and the synagogues as well. They shall be altered but not destroyed. I will come, and it will not be the last day, no; it will be the beginnings of a new world.

My people will suffer no longer, for their Savior will return.

Do not be afraid to read what you have written. It is from me and no other.

[Second Message, December 28, 2017]

My daughter, do not be afraid to come to me for any reason; I will never answer with nothing when you come to me. Never be afraid because you do not know the answer, for I will tell you.

[What about all the disproofs?]

My daughter, you will be greatly rewarded for your believing even after all of them. This is great suffering, a kind that I do not usually let happen. Those who continue after they receive disproof are rich in heart and truly faithful; they shall be blessed. For all your disproofs from people, you will receive proof, and you shall be victorious. You shall be rewarded, and it shall be known you trusted, even through the darkest of hours. The mysteries of the disproofs will be shown and all shall be shown.

. . .

My daughter, this I will show you and explain. Not yet is that time, but do not worry or give up, for the time is near when it shall be understood. I will not reveal the answer to this now, but do not stop trusting because of this. It does not mean you were not supposed to trust or that I abandoned you . . . My daughter, do not be distressed; I am always with you. It is not the way it seems. I will explain, but for now, continue to believe and follow.

. . .

The story with them is not yet over, and will not be over even after. The story will not end sadly, for I know how to end the saddest tales with a happy ending and how to turn the tragic tales into joyful ones. For I know what should happen in the fairy tales to the villager and the villain. I know what should happen to the villain to give victory to the good and yet to end happily for everyone. This tale will show how to end the fairy tale. They will realize their mistakes and see what they lost and have done. They will feel the sorrow they should and realize the damage and pain they caused and truly regret it. The case of … is different from the case of the other two, but will end well. You . . . will have victories regarding what you were deprived of . . . and you will receive justice.

Not all will be happy and forgotten — no, but there will be no lonely feeling of detachment or sorrow. I know what you want and how to end the story. I will make all well and victorious. Everything shall be perfect. You will be very happy, and I will make this too be not sorrowful.

Come back to me if you have any more thoughts or wonderings. Do not be afraid to come to me with any question, even if you think it is silly, or if you have asked many times, or if you do not know the answer. Come to me always and I will guide you.

[Third Message, December 28, 2017]

My daughter, you can come to me as many times as you like in one day; never be afraid to come to me two times or three. I want you to come to me, and I want you to ask me questions.

. . . will also come to Canada, as well as their family. They will live nearby . . . and you will see them often. Their parents will become better . . . The other children . . . will also be taken care of. These children I love; I will protect them and you will have time to see them when you want. They will be very happy.

. . .

[What about Sweden?]

Sweden will be very beautiful, and it will be filled with love and peace. The parts of it that are not beautiful or that are needing changes will be fixed and become beautiful. All who suffer from poverty will suffer no longer.

. . .

It is more important to pray. Come back to me tomorrow though, for I know you still have many questions and I will answer all of them.