Post 287
(A guest post)

December 15, 2017

. . . I am glad you came.

Do not worry . . . it is not your writing; it is mine. Do not worry, the punctuation can change; it is the same voice.

Do not worry about the future, for the future is filled with happiness; many things will change. The sky will become clear and blue, the air will be fresh, the sun shall be yellow [in all areas of the world] and one will be able to look at it without pain. Snow and cold will not be so cold and will not kill, and neither will heat. Remember my promises, and do not ever doubt what I say, for you have believed . . .

I love you . . . I will take care of you through thick and thin. I am always there, no matter where you are, whether in the fields or the forest, the plains or the mountains, or the desert or the ocean — I am with you always. When you are alone and distressed, I am with you. You can always put your trust in me.

[Regarding instructors and grades] . . . the marks given by those who mark fairly — those grades will remain. But those who are reluctant to give good marks, when deserved, are ignoring their conscience and not being honest, and this is not pleasing to God.

[“What about FTR?”] They have been chosen from around the world for a special purpose. It [FTR] will also show what you believed even on the other side, for there will be books, which I will supply, of the events that happened. It [FTR] is something that is also part of my plan. There will still be more [members] to go and come, and [but] the time is coming. I will show you who is supposed to stay and who is supposed to go. They also will be blessed for believing. Those who rejected this gift of God as ‘too strange’ or ‘dreaming’ will see it was real. All in it will see each other for the first time . . . And afterwards, many will rejoice, for their Saviour has returned.