Post 279
(A guest post)

November 28, 2017

. . . Do not be afraid to believe. For as the Father gave promises, they will be fulfilled. Trust, for I know what will make you happiest. Things will follow as promised, if you believe. But if they change, they will change only to make you happier.

. . . Continue to believe; you need not worry about finding someone else, for you have him, as he has you. Do not let the evil one make you doubt; as you love him, he loves you; but as you have fear and suffering, he has the same. Do not be afraid to talk to [with] him; do not let the devil interfere, for he [the devil] is the destroyer of love, for he is the destroyer of happiness and romance.

He [this person] loves you, and the love at the beginning has only grown. I will not break my promises; do not fear, for soon I will come again. Things will only change for the better. I will come and bring peace. I will bring my gifts; I will distribute to those who accepted.

[“When will you come?”] I will come at the right time; I have not forgotten and I will not deceive. I will come and all shall see the glory of God.

Trust, for he is there. He loves you. Together you will be happy and you shall be gifted.

. . . The Lord is merciful; he understands and waits for people to come home. Come back, and you shall be forgiven.

[“What will happen to Mexico?”] The country will be filled with peace, as will many others [countries]. It will become rich with the love of God.

[“What will happen to Ukraine?”] It will have peace, as it has wanted [as people have prayed for / requested]. The prayers for peace will be rewarded. The battlefields will bloom and become how they once were.

[“What will happen to Russia?”] The unjust rulers shall not reign and the innocent shall [reign] . . . Russia will not be destroyed, for the people there I love. Countries will have peace and their beauty will be restored.

[“What will happen with the climate?”] It will become fresh and new; those who fear need not, for the Creator will care for what he has made.

Those who refused my gifts will not receive them, and those who have [accepted them], shall receive them all. Do not hesitate to believe, for I love you and I will give you what I have promised.