Post 284
(A guest post)

December 11, 2017

My daughter, do not be afraid. You and your family are in my protection. I will not let anything harm you, for each family receives a special grace; I will not let the evil intentions of others be carried out. Do not worry, for nothing will become of this. I will not let anyone separate you. Do not fear. Trust, for your prayers have been heard. Believe and you will see; I will not let a family be divided through the evil intentions of others.

[“Are lemons unhealthy?”] You needn’t worry about the stories of those who want to scare and appear knowledgeable, for in my kingdom, there are many bitter fruits. In the Garden of Eden, there were bitter fruits. Do not believe the lies they (doctors / scientists etc.) tell people. For if one believes and follows all of that which is considered ‘healthy,’ one would die of starvation. I give you food to enjoy, not to resist and avoid out of precaution — no, for they (lemons) are fruit meant to be enjoyed and used. For I created the sweet and the sour, the rich and the dry, the flavourful and the bland — all for you to enjoy and use, for I made them to be combined and added, to make the bland flavourful and the dry, rich and the sour, sweet.

The day I come again is coming. It shall be at an unexpected hour. I will give you what you have longed for. The intentions of all shall be revealed, and the glory of God shall be known. The wars shall end; there shall be no more tears; all shall rejoice. All countries and regions shall see; all those on islands and surrounded land (land-locked regions) shall be there. Water and food shall be plentiful. Those who have tried for and intended good shall be blessed. The valleys will bloom and the waters shall be cleaned, the waves shall be calm and the heat will no longer kill. Wicked (things) shall vanish, evil will be destroyed and the ugly (things) shall perish. Leaders will come down from their thrones, and the unheard shall lead. Injustice shall disappear, for inequality between nations and cultures will disappear. Humanity shall have a fresh start, and those who remained faithful and with me in the darkest of hours will be blessed.

Post 283
(A guest post by Miriam C.)

December 10, 2017

My daughter, do not fear. I will protect you and guide you, for those who follow and trust will not be harmed — no, they shall be rewarded. I have many gifts I want to give you. I hear your prayers; I know what you want. I have promised many gifts, and you shall be deprived of none. I love and lead my flock; I tend to their every need and watch them, especially when the wolves lurk closest. I have many gifts for you.

You, I have chosen, you who follow and believe. There are not many who are ready to accept all of the graces of God and believe.

[“Where are all the good people?”]

There are people with good intentions, good hearts and righteous minds. These people are all around, but not all people have all (of these good things). Not all always have good intentions. Those who want my gifts are welcomed; those who want my gold are invited. You have accepted, and I will not deprive you of them (my promises). For you have taken what no one else has, and I have not forgotten. What has been said shall be done, and I will be with you all the way, through the forests, through the oceans, and through the mountains. I will not leave you to slip and fall; I will guide you.

There will be world peace. . . . For humanity will change and peace will come. The prayers for a world of peace and love have been heard. For He will come again to all. Do not give up hope. Continue to wait and have faith, for those who are waiting with candles to welcome him will be rewarded.

Post 282
(A guest post by Miriam C.)

December 9, 2017

My daughter, I love you. Never be afraid to come to me and never doubt my love . . .

Now is a time to prepare; prepare for a rebirth; prepare for a special time. Trust in me; I will lead you, as I led my people . . . I am always with you — in the day, in the night, when night is day and when day is night. Do not be afraid to follow; do not be afraid to come. All are invited, women and men. I love my people. I am with you even when you cannot see me, even when you do not hear me; I am there when you feel lonely . . . Do not worry about how things will work, about how this could go wrong. I know what you want; I know what you need. I see the injustice that is hidden; I see the intentions and dangers at hand. People do not know what they are protected from; people do not see the damage wanting to be done. Justice is coming for all. Vindications and victories will arise. People will see and believe. Those who ignored will no longer be able to. People are not who they seem; only God can see their every action and intention.

This will not be the Day of Judgment; this is not the last day. It is another chance, another try for humanity. Those who are good in heart shall be blessed and exalted, and those who are wicked shall be revealed, for no longer will they hide in darkness; the evil within shall be shown. Not every action shall be revealed, but many intentions shall be known. All will see the Glory of God. And all shall be shown. The sun and the moon shall shine; what was uncertain shall be known. What was not understandable shall be clear, and what was unthinkable shall happen. Trust, and believe, for those who desire the gifts of God shall receive them.

Post 281
(A guest post by Miriam C.)

December 3, 2017

My daughter, I am glad you have come [to pray]. For I have much to tell you. My daughter, do not (have) fear about which path to take. Do not worry about how things could fall apart. The Lord is good; he always has a plan, even when all seems lost. Do not fear about the future. Many have feared before, many still have fear (about the future), though they needn’t, for God has a plan, which he will show you. Follow, and you will be led. Those who want to do good and follow needn’t worry, for it is only those who resist the gentle guidance (of their Father) who are in danger. For the wolves are likely to lead you if you walk to them. The Lord is gentle and guides you; he knows the way; he knows where he is taking you. Those who believe they do not need God are mistaken, for those who defame their Father in saying they could be created without him do not realize what they are saying. God has mercy on those who run away, who push him away. He who loves them will never turn his back on them. His love is unconditional. The proud and the strong are the ones who wound him; the rich and the high-ranking are who reject him; it is the weak and the lame who cry out for him; it is the poor and the sick who want to see him. Those who believe they do not need him, who are high (in society) are low (in heart). Those who are poor, and believe they need him are rich and high in heart. For when the Day of Judgment comes, the Lord will not count your money, your jewels or your empires. No, he shall count your deeds, your actions and your intentions. For good deeds are jewels, good actions are money and good intentions are empires. The time is coming. Prepare your hearts, for soon your Saviour will come.

Post 280
(A guest post by Miriam C.)

December 2, 2017

My daughter, I love you. I am very pleased with your work and intention.

. . . those who honour and remember Christmas as Christ’s birth will be rewarded and remembered.

. . . Many accept only part of God’s blessings (gifts). For though you do not know the future, you must not underestimate the things in your midst. The question (you ask) is mysterious and deep, for I am happy for their family and their prayers are heard . . .

[“What should I do now?”]

For now, rest, and return tomorrow, for I have much I want to tell you and many others (the world). The interest you have in cultures and countries is one I am pleased with and will be incorporated into the plan, but do not let it hold you back from seeing me, for I love you and have much to explain and tell you and others through you; I have a plan for you and I want you to come even closer to me so I can guide you. My daughter, I love you.

Rejoice, for soon is the anniversary of the birth of Christ.

Post 279
(A guest post by Miriam C.)

November 28, 2017

My daughter, do not be afraid to believe. For as the Father gave promises, they will be fulfilled. Trust, for I know what will make you happiest. Things will follow as promised, if you believe. But if they change, they will change only to make you happier.

. . . Things will only change for the better. I will come and bring peace. I will bring my gifts; I will distribute to those who accepted.

[“When will you come?”]

I will come at the right time; I have not forgotten and I will not deceive. I will come and all shall see the glory of God.

. . . The Lord is merciful; he understands and waits for people to come home. Come back, and you shall be forgiven.

[“What will happen to Mexico?”]

The country will be filled with peace, as will many others. It will become rich with the love of God.

[“What will happen to Ukraine?”]

It will have peace, as it has wanted. The prayers for peace will be rewarded. The battlefields will bloom and become how they once were.

[“What will happen to Russia?”]

The unjust rulers shall not reign and the innocent shall. Russia will not be destroyed, for the people there I love. Countries will have peace and will be restored.

[“What will happen with the climate?”]

It will become fresh and new; those who fear need not, for the Creator will care for what he has made.

Those who refused my gifts will not receive them, and those who have (accepted them), shall receive them all. Do not hesitate to believe, for I love you and I will give you what I have promised.

Post 278
(A guest post by Miriam C.)

November 25, 2017

I love you, my daughter. Trust in me and I will guide you. I will lead my people, as I will lead you. Have faith and all will be fulfilled. . .

Trust in me . . .

I love you, my daughter. I will keep you safe from harm. The evil one does not choose how much power he has, and has limited ability. For the Father in heaven will protect his children. You need not fear for the Lord is more powerful than evil itself and evil is the most dangerous (thing). For those who leave the flock and stray are far less safe than those in his arms. The Lord still protects his sheep who get pulled out by temptation, but they become more influenced when evil is around them. Indeed, those who stray into darkness are the most in danger, yet the Lord still waits for and protects them. He shows them the path home time and time again — yet they choose, time and time again — to come closer or farther. Those close to the Lord are in less danger, yet those who wander away chose. They put themselves in danger, yet the Lord takes pity on them, and speaks through their conscience. You are to decide whether you follow or fight against your shepherd. Here you have love, and a Father. Here you have peace and happiness. Here is where eternal joy lies. Come to me and stay with me; do not let the worldly things keep you from me. If you love the earth and its beauty — come give praise to its Creator. The Father made the world for you, so do not let the world keep you from him. The things on earth will pass, but your sins and good deeds remain. The world was made for you to see the goodness of God and for you to love him. It is to bring you closer to him, for look at the sky, the water and flowers — look how he loves you — look what he made for you. Do not worry about the animals and plants, for I made them for you. I made the dove and the beast, which are signs for you. The turtle and the ostrich, the desert and the sea — (everything) from the mountain tops to the ocean’s depths are made for you. I will feed them, the Lord who made them will take care of them. They are not there for you to fear for — do not let caring for them distract you from their Creator. As I have said I love you, tell others I love them. You will tell those of the love of God.

Post 277
(A guest post by Miriam C.)

November 20, 2017

My daughter . . . I have many gifts I want to share, and the Mass is one of them. Through the Mass, you receive many gifts from the Holy Spirit. Through the Holy Sacraments, you receive many gifts. The Father wants to share with you all he has, and wants people to accept (take) his gifts, eagerly. He wants his people to come closer to him and he brings them closer to him through his gifts, (such as) the sacraments. The Father wants to pour his gifts upon his people. The Father gives his gifts to those who accept them and want to receive them. The gifts are there waiting to be taken, waiting to be received, and the Father waits, willing, wanting to share these treasures, as a King stands in the streets, offering gold to rich and poor, willing to share with anyone who will take it. Many people take some, but not all, while others reject it altogether. There are some who eagerly accept the gold — who see the value of it. And the King gladly gives all the gold to those who want it. While the Father is waiting to give his gifts, not all accept; many do not want what he generously offers. My daughter, so when the Father finds someone who will take his gifts — he willingly gives them all, asking nothing in return, but (for the receiver) to trust and believe. The Father never breaks his promise; he never fails to fulfill his promise, for with the Father nothing is impossible.

. . . The gifts of the Father are open to everyone, yet many reject what the Lord has planned for them. Many do not trust that the Lord will lead them, and turn away. The Father does not forget them and let them fall into the traps of the devil. They choose to turn their backs on the Lord, their God. They reject him, but he does not reject them. He watches them choose, time and time again, to betray him. He watches as they ignore his voice (through their conscience). He waits, and wants them to come back to him; he wants them to turn around. They need not be too ashamed to come to the Lord, for He has been waiting for their return. He wants to share with them. He is merciful and gracious; he wants to cleanse the souls of those in danger. The gifts of the Lord should be heeded and not ignored (dismissed). He wants to show his love and he waits for them to come home. He waits for them to come to him in heaven, because he loves them.

[Why do so many people not accept them?]

Many people reject the gifts of the Father, as you have seen . . . I have chosen you to spread my messages of love. I want you to record what you hear from me. . . He (God) wants you to accept his treasures with joy and trust that he will fulfill his word. Many do not believe; many do not want to accept his gifts for simple reasons. They dismiss the gifts as ‘too awkward,’ too strange’ or ‘too hard to believe.’ However, with His promises, the Father gives yet another gift — like the wrapping paper of a present — the strength to believe and the courage to trust. Though things do not always seem true, though you do not always see the way, I will guide you and give you enough trust to follow. As the sheep follow the shepherd’s voice, I will guide you with mine (my voice). I will show you the way; I will lead you, not only by my voice; I will show you the path to eternal happiness.

Post 276
(A guest post by Miriam C.)

November 18, 2017

. . . Trust in me. What I have promised will be fulfilled . . . Yes, it will fit with the promise; it will not be discarded/neglected . . . Yes, it is also part of the promised plan . . .

[How come so many people are mean? Why do so many people not care?]

My daughter, many people are careless, and many people lose hope. Many people do not trust in me and many do not follow me. They chose wrongly, but I will forgive those who come back, who turn around and come home – like the prodigal son. As the Father forgave them, the Father in heaven will forgive you.

I love you. Those who come to me — their souls will be healed, for the Father is merciful. Ask, and you shall receive. Come back to the Father, and you will be forgiven. As the Father loves you, he will forgive you.

. . . Do not be afraid, I will keep you safe from dangers.

The Father’s mercy is like falling raindrops; those who want them can take them. If one asks the Father for forgiveness, he will never deny it. Even when you hurt the Father, he will forgive you. Do not be ashamed to come to the Father for forgiveness. Like a father looks upon his child — when he sees his child’s sorrowful (apologetic) eyes, how can he not look upon his child with mercy? When the loving father sees his child truly sorry, how can he turn his back in rejection? The Father is always waiting for his children; he is always ready with open arms. The Father waits patiently for his children. As a shepherd watches his flock, the Father watches his people. All of the sheep are precious to the shepherd, as each of the people are precious to the Father. All of the nations are under his care, as the seas and earth are under his protection. For he controls the winds and the currents. He feeds the birds and the lions. He cares for his people, whom he guards. Regardless of which nation they are from, which empire they are under or what social level they are at, they are his people, his flock – who He loves and created.

Post 275
(A guest post)

15. XI. 2017

Trust in my mercy. It is the door through which all can pass to come to me [and find me]. Hold on to my mercy in times of despair as to a boat in the midst of a shipwreck. Turn to my mercy as a last hope, for my mercy is more powerful than the depths of hell [Satan and all his angels] and whoever trusts [places their trust] in my mercy shall receive their reward [shall find me, shall be saved, shall achieve eternal happiness, heaven]. Do not hesitate to ask favours of my mercy, for if you ask with true faith and it is within the will of God, you shall receive more than you have asked for. Prayers of petition are very pleasing to me and to my Father. What has God [what have I, have we] that he would not give you? What gift has God which has not been shared? What great feast has been held to which you were not invited? What miracle which you did not take part in? Everything I have is yours; everything you have is mine. Everything I am, I have given you. You are my people and I am your God. I have chosen you. Will you not choose me? I have loved you. Will you not love me? I have died for you. Will you not die for me [not only a reference to martyrdom but also to death in general on the way to heaven]?

I have made you man and woman; let this be the only difference among you. There will be no division as in the laws of old, for you are one people, formed in my image and united by the cross. For it is not for one people [nation] I died, but for all. It is at that time that I made Mary your mother, and the mother of all humanity. I came to save my people from their sins and from the enemy. But I also came to save my people scattered throughout the world [the Romans and the gentiles] so that all might have salvation. Take the gift of my Passion, for it is your key to the kingdom, for whatever you ask through me [my merits], the Father will not refuse you [withhold]. Hold my Passion in your heart as the greatest testimony of love. Remember it in its repetition in the Eucharist. Adore me in the Eucharist, especially during the Consecration because you are with me as Mary [is, was] during the crucifixion.