Post 272
(A guest post)

14. XI. 2017

I want you to be my voice. I want you to call out to the nations as I have called out to you. I want you to guide them [my people] as I have guided you. Do not be afraid, I will guide you. I will not let you lead them astray for they are my people, whom I have chosen. I have formed them [everyone] in my hand and in my own image. I have breathed the Holy Spirit into them and have made [caused] their hearts to pulse as the sun. Will I now forsake that which I have made? How can a father look on [upon] his child and not recall that time when, with an untouched [pure] soul, the child lay in the father’s arms trustful and yet unaware that he [the child] was trusting? Remember [be aware], my people, in whom you are trusting! Place your trust in him who cannot fail, who cannot forget, who cannot betray. Place your trust in Him who loves unconditionally. Place your trust in Him who is full of mercy.