Post 275
(A guest post)

15. XI. 2017

Trust in my mercy. It is the door through which all can pass to come to me [and find me]. Hold on to my mercy in times of despair as to a boat in the midst of a shipwreck. Turn to my mercy as a last hope, for my mercy is more powerful than the depths of hell [Satan and all his angels] and whoever trusts [places their trust] in my mercy shall receive their reward [shall find me, shall be saved, shall achieve eternal happiness, heaven]. Do not hesitate to ask favours of my mercy, for if you ask with true faith and it is within the will of God, you shall receive more than you have asked for. Prayers of petition are very pleasing to me and to my Father. What has God [what have I, have we] that he would not give you? What gift has God which has not been shared? What great feast has been held to which you were not invited? What miracle which you did not take part in? Everything I have is yours; everything you have is mine. Everything I am, I have given you. You are my people and I am your God. I have chosen you. Will you not choose me? I have loved you. Will you not love me? I have died for you. Will you not die for me [not only a reference to martyrdom but also to death in general on the way to heaven]?

I have made you man and woman; let this be the only difference among you. There will be no division as in the laws of old, for you are one people, formed in my image and united by the cross. For it is not for one people [nation] I died, but for all. It is at that time that I made Mary your mother, and the mother of all humanity. I came to save my people from their sins and from the enemy. But I also came to save my people scattered throughout the world [the Romans and the gentiles] so that all might have salvation. Take the gift of my Passion, for it is your key to the kingdom, for whatever you ask through me [my merits], the Father will not refuse you [withhold]. Hold my Passion in your heart as the greatest testimony of love. Remember it in its repetition in the Eucharist. Adore me in the Eucharist, especially during the Consecration because you are with me as Mary [is, was] during the crucifixion.