Post 270
(A guest post)

7. XI. 2017

Write this: I will guide you always. Never leave my love. Come to me often [in the Eucharist] and never leave. I will be with you, even to the end of the age. I want to work through you, and you to work in me [through me]. Trust in me, for I have a plan that is beyond this world. Remember this always. If you are ever alone [=lonely], remember that I am near. If ever you are hungry, know that I will be your food. If ever you are lost, I will be your guide. Never be afraid, because I am near. I am nearer than a child in its mother’s womb. I will watch over you, as a shepherd his flock because you are my people. I have chosen you and formed you as my own. You will be my testimony. You will be [the bearers] of my strength and I will lead you. I want you to spread the message of peace because I am coming to reign over you as the Prince of Peace.

I will make my covenant with you . . . Pray to my Sacred Heart and seek comfort within it. The souls who seek protection in my Sacred Heart shall not be turned away. Venerate my heart in the Eucharist. The Eucharist is my gift to humanity. It is also my promise – that I shall come again and walk among you. It is the manifestation of myself as God and as man. It is my gift, that all who hunger may be filled, and all who search may find. It is the fulfillment of my promise to be with you always and it is a reminder of my love. It is my testimony and example to the world because within it are written [enfolded, enshrined, ingrained] all the commandments, just as all the commandments are found in these two: love the Lord your God above all things and love your neighbour as yourself. He who loves the law will love [know, understand] these two, and he who loves these two of my commandments will love the rest. For just as one God made [placed, wrote] the stars in Heaven and then created man, so too does one God write [make] all the commandments and place them in the law.