Post 301


A voice rings out
Long loud
And clear
As clear as a bell
Sounding through a wintry valley

So for a moment
While other voices are stilled
While they wonder
Who cries like this?

Who indeed?
It is the cry of the wolf
The wolf who for now
Will not speak
Who for now
Will sing her song

It is a song of pain
But of strength in pain
Not dying
Giving birth

A child is born
Exactly on time

And this child also cries
They listen again
They are confused
Why is this not the cry of a newborn one?

Oh I will tell you why
This child has already seen
Through the eyes of another
What the world has to offer

And already
This child has advanced
Has chosen
What is better

Now the wolves cry
Their love is fierce and
Their love is

Do you dare come between them?
Do you challenge them?
They are not what they seem
You do not know them

They move swiftly across the snow
(A sinner must love the snow)
Fearing nothing
For they are the hunters

The snow silences and subdues
But these
These two continue
Shoulder to shoulder
Mother and child
Child and child
Mother and mother
Alpha and alpha
Across vast distances

Do you know?
Do you know what they have seen?
Do you know what they have heard?
You cannot fathom such

But if you look into their eyes
You will see
The flash and the glint
Of fire
Beauty and danger and daring and will
You will see
The sparkle
Her crown is shaped like the petals of a lily
Like petals of fire
But He said
There is also a glow

What is this glow?
Do you understand?
Do you know?

This glow is the glow of love
Loyalty and devotion
Across vast distances
Of time
Of space

Later her song will be sung
Later her tale will be told
And retold
Lasciare Suonare

But for now,
Only a voice ringing out
Over vast distances
A bell sounding through a wintry valley