Post 214

Are You Done Yet?
Reflections on Hallowe'en Decorations

Esmerelda put a pumpkin
on her bottom step
Ready for Hallowe’en?
Nope, not yet

She added a little black cauldron
To her second step
Ready for Hallowe’en?
Nope, not yet

She added two small gourds
To that second step
One was orange and one was not

She considered
Step number three
Rather bare
Better put this black pre-carved pumpkin there

She added two small gourds
To that third step
One was orange and one was not

Ready for Hallowe’en?
Nope, not yet
‘Cuz see?
Nothing’s here at the top

Why not a foul-faced pumpkin?
(The work of an artist)
And another sporting a black witch’s hat?
Hey Martha Stewart, you can’t beat that

But what about the railings?
Plop plop plop
Decorations, non-stop
Keep them safe — they’re from the dollar shop

Here’s Dracula!
Here’s a skull (or two or three or more)!
And here are ghosts from the craft project
That Didn’t Quite Work!


Are we ready?
Maybe not quite!

Put up the banner
Greet the occasion
It’s “Happy Hallowe’en!”
Here at the manor

Let’s bandage little teddy
Guess what – now he’s a mummy!
Dangle him from the porch
Isn’t it really quite funny?

Oh but let’s be serious now
There’s work to be done
Take out the trash
It’s not all mere silliness and fun

Where are those trash bags, son?
Gather them all
Three black four orange
Filled with leaves from the fall

Snazzy hey?
Garbage bags: functional yet fab
Garbage bags: your very special friend
When sold with eyes and a mouth

Woo hoo!

We’re done, right?

Hell, no!

We need MORE!
We love gore!
We love skulls and we love bones!
Give us more more more!

A skull for the base of the stairs
A skull over here and a skull over there
Oh me and oh my
Make sure the yard has its fair share!

Let’s make it a theme
Fake iron fencing black and ever so cheap
So short and so cute
Covered in skulls – aw, isn’t that sweet?

All done yet honey?

Not even close
The woman’s on fire

Here come those darlings from out of nowhere
Oh my pretties, let’s place you with care
In storage all year but now is the time
Plastic tombstones every shape every size

Seven tombstones leaning this way and that
Leaves and cobwebs arranged with brains and panache
A set designer couldn’t do better
Hey Broadway! Come here and get her!

But when you come to collect
Please don’t forget
Clean up those bushes and clean up these trees
Take the stuffed ghosts a blowin’ in the breeze

Take the black-robed skeleton dangling in the air
Take the black curvy-spined cat
Take the straw thing and the cobwebs draped everywhere
Take this pumpkin and that

Take them all

Because you know what?

I think we’re done