Post 357


those little pawns
tip toe tip toe
tiny hands tiny feet
here they go
baby steps first steps
really cute oh so sweet
be careful!
don’t get gobbled by the other side
there they go
tip toe tip toe
a narrow miss here a narrow miss there
always saved in the nick of time
sometimes by the king
but usually by the queen

the queen
who can compete?
no one
though everyone tries
outwit her
outdo her
catch her in a trap
she escapes of course
and she might take your bishop down as she does
she guards her little pawns
really cute
oh so sweet
lay a hand on them?
you have chosen your path

yes, you have
who would have thought you would?
some lay low
lacking courage lacking integrity
nursing resentment choosing inaction
yet when opportunity arrives
when you sense weakness
when your lies might be believed
then you pounce
reckless and proud forgetting your debts
quick moves here and there
by your rook, your queen, and all the fools you can find
but alas for you and your side!
look what you have done to yourself

all can see your gross miscalculation
false moves changed friend into foe
sacrificed your best pieces
broken your own fortress
now barren
and the game, having been nearly lost
yet possible to salvage
you jeopardized further with bitter remarks
final plays meant to be clever
where once there was laughter and joy
innocence, happiness, and love beyond telling
birthday candles, cake, calendar dates

now these are elsewhere
elsewhere the laughter still sounds
elsewhere the joy is unbounded
bright eyes still sparkle
look over here
this side of the board
what has happened?
oh, I see it
those little pawns
really cute oh so sweet
tip toed tip toed
all the way here
queens now
ready to win