Post 125
To me (ha ha ha!)

Belated Birthday Present

As a matter of fact, I do like the Corvette, yes.

Nice shape, nice name.

And that logo!

I happen to remember without even trying.

Two flags, poles crossing to make an X.

(Post 90, of course.)

Engine? Reliability? Couldn’t tell you.

I suppose mortals think of such things.

The dreamers — ah, well — all can be perfect in the imagination.

And sure, since you ask, I wouldn’t mind red, in this case.

But I can imagine forest green or even a gold.


Funny you should ask

I’ve always pictured pale ye11ow leather

Personalized plate?

(Oh my, you really do spoil!)


“Rocket” is taken.

“Rocket7” I’ve already got (on the mini-van).

I know — I’ve got it!

How about MINIVAN?

Seven letters – a fit!