Post 60

By the Way

There once was a judge
A very good judge
(Let’s call him J.A. Côté —
it can mean ‘by the way.’)

He was as clear as a bell
I liked what he said.

“People always say,”
He said,

“People always say

The most important things
‘By the way.’”

This means
That if I were to tell you

That yesterday
Hell was emptied completely
Entirely stormed
Human souls freed
From the beginning of time
By angels from heaven
Guardians they

That’s how I’d do it
That’s just what I’d say
I’d say
“By the way”

The weather is nice
Spring’s certainly come early

By the way
Have you heard
What was done
What was done
Done by
the Word?

“By the way” —
That’s what I’d say.

It’s how I would tell you.
And I’d add “Hurray!”

(liking the rhyme.)
(and here’s one final time.)