Post 283
(A guest post by Miriam C.)

December 10, 2017

My daughter, do not fear. I will protect you and guide you, for those who follow and trust will not be harmed — no, they shall be rewarded. I have many gifts I want to give you. I hear your prayers; I know what you want. I have promised many gifts, and you shall be deprived of none. I love and lead my flock; I tend to their every need and watch them, especially when the wolves lurk closest. I have many gifts for you.

You, I have chosen, you who follow and believe. There are not many who are ready to accept all of the graces of God and believe.

[“Where are all the good people?”]

There are people with good intentions, good hearts and righteous minds. These people are all around, but not all people have all (of these good things). Not all always have good intentions. Those who want my gifts are welcomed; those who want my gold are invited. You have accepted, and I will not deprive you of them (my promises). For you have taken what no one else has, and I have not forgotten. What has been said shall be done, and I will be with you all the way, through the forests, through the oceans, and through the mountains. I will not leave you to slip and fall; I will guide you.

There will be world peace. . . . For humanity will change and peace will come. The prayers for a world of peace and love have been heard. For He will come again to all. Do not give up hope. Continue to wait and have faith, for those who are waiting with candles to welcome him will be rewarded.