Post 307
(A guest post by Miriam C.)

December 14, 2017

My daughter, trust in what I have said and you shall be blessed. Those who disbelieve and tell you that you are wrong shall be revealed and their words of wrong guidance shall be destroyed but not forgotten. I will show them what you said was true and all shall see how they disbelieved the future.

You, my daughter, will spread the word of God and will bring people closer. You will speak to the children and the adults; you will speak of what you know the love and mercy of God is. You will speak in various languages.

Once I come again, people will still have to be guided and shown the way, for there are many things people do not understand, about the gentleness of their Father, about the tenderness of his mercy or about his understanding of people. Your Father knows you through and through; he knows what you desire and need; he knows your future.