Post 287
(A guest post by Miriam C.)

December 12, 2017

My daughter, . . . I am happy you came to pray, even when you were tired. You trusted, and you were rewarded.

Do not worry about the future; trust and you will understand and see the miracles that the Father is capable of. Many doubt his power; many underestimate the strength of a prayer; many do not see how it is possible, and disbelieve. No, in the future everything will be as promised; the world shall be there, all will see and hear. Every country and every land shall be there. Humanity will see a change in tide. Many will rejoice and be in awe, for now, now is the time for the Savior to come. Trust in me, believe, and you will see the love of God. Do not be afraid to imagine and hope. Think of the future and what you want, for it will all come soon.