Post 309
(A guest post by Miriam C.)

December 16, 2017

My daughter, you have worked with a full effort, and that is what will be rewarded. Do not worry any longer . . . Now you can rest and enjoy what you have waited for . . . It is the effort that matters, and if you try your hardest, you shall be rewarded . . . Do not let the earthly trials and hardships disappoint you, for grades are valuable here but in the kingdom of God, they are not. Your efforts are blessed and rewarded, and if you try your hardest to learn a subject, you will be given what you want (that subject). On earth, your transcript is ‘honoured’ and of great value; one wants it to look impressive and admirable, but this is merely a document. Much of one’s earthly identity/status is shown and proven through this, however, it is your actions and intentions that are creating your real transcript, your official record. Your good actions are much higher than A’s, and your righteous intentions are much higher than 100%’s, for in the kingdom of God they are of great value.

[How will heaven be better/different?]

Heaven is much greater than earth; do not worry or doubt that heaven could be better than earth, for in heaven no one dies and there is no sadness; there are all of the worldly gifts, as well as the heavenly. There is more than one could want in heaven, and its beauty is beyond compare.

The day your Saviour comes will change humanity like never before. No longer will school and work have such unjust hierarchies, and no longer will there be unjust rulers leading countries. Food and water will be free for all. Cloth and fabric will be cleansed, and clothes shall be improved. Fashions will change, and it will an embarrassment to wear immodest clothing. The holy day of Saints will be only to honour saints, and symbols of death shall vanish. Countries’ symbols and wrong shapes will change and the idols will be destroyed . . . The Church shall reign and be above all. She will be respected. Cultures, skin colours, and nationalities will be equal . . .

New plants will bear fresh fruit, and the soil will be nourished. The stars will always shine, and the deserted deserts will be rich. Houses will be built, and apartments will (mostly) be destroyed. There will be enough land for all (and houses), for the large (useless) buildings and stores will be removed. The world will no longer be divided. And new plants will come to the earth with new flowers and fruit. There will also be new animals; there will be new birds, new fish, new horses . . . The snows will melt, and Greenland will be green. Everything will change, and peace will come.