Post 311
(A guest post by Miriam C.)

December 17, 2017

My daughter, I love you. You are my daughter, my child.

The father’s love is so great, beyond imagination. He loves his children more than many know. Many do not know the love of God; many underestimate what he wants for his people. Many do not realize how much he loves them, even if they hurt him. His love is unconditional; his mercy is unimaginable. He loves his children like no other. Those who are sorry for their actions but afraid to come to their Father do not understand his love. His mercy is a gift that he wants to share with all. He wants to pour down graces on all. How it pains the Father to see his children disregard his gifts. He knows what they want; I know what you want. Do not hesitate to repent, for those who come back are forgiven and rewarded. Do not be ashamed to come to him, and never assume your sin is unforgivable. Many do (great) evil and never repent. Many are not sorry. Those who return shall be blessed, and those who do not repent will not be ready. For the time is near, when your Saviour will return.

[What about FTR?]

Those in it will have a special role. They will be blessed for accepting this gift. I have (many) plans for those in it . . . It is part of my plan which I knew of before they came in. It is a gift, something special which will become known. Those who accept this gift will be rewarded, and those who (in the end) rejected it will know what they rejected. They will know what it is and they will know it was real. It is not only a social group; it is a group I have plans for. And those who accept these plans will receive them.

. . .

Do not be afraid; do not worry, for you are in my care, my arms, and no other’s. Always come to me when you are sad or distressed and always come to me when you are lonely. I am your guide and your shepherd, your Father and your brother. I am the giver of life, for those who eat my body and drink my blood will live.


. . . I gave you teeth not to worry about but to enjoy food, my gift. I inspired dentists to fix teeth and improve them, not to tell lies about them. Do not worry; they do not know. They do not know about God and His ways. Do not let them feed you falsehoods . . . There will be dentists, but not all who are currently dentists will be later, for some are not doing what they should be; they are scaring (people) and telling lies, which is not pleasing to me. I inspire dentists and some are good and do help.

But after I return, things will be very different. When I come again, the earth will change. No longer will people need to worry about natural disasters, no longer will injustice and evil reign. Everything will become straight, and everything will become as (it) should be. And those who accepted my promises will be rewarded.

Constitutions will be changed, and the law will be just and right(eous). Countries struggling for independence — the issues will be resolved. The war zones throughout the earth will become peaceful and flourish and the villages will be restored . . . There is no place on earth where there is not one innocent person who loves their home . . . After I come again, the earth shall be cleansed; volcanoes and tornadoes will be gone. Swords and spears, guns and bombs will no longer be used and will be discarded, for a time of peace is coming; lay down your swords. No longer do you need to defend your country. For war shall cease and families will return home.