Post 312
(A guest post by Miriam C.)

December 19, 2017

My daughter, do not be afraid to believe. Do not worry; all of your dreams will come true; all that I have promised will happen. I will not let you believe and be disappointed. Do not think about it (the promises) not happening, because it will.

Those who accept the promises of God are rewarded and never deceived or disappointed. For I promised your fathers of old many gifts, and those who believed and accepted received them. I have gifts for everyone; I have plans for everyone and those who want my gifts can have them. For the Father wants his children to be happy and rejoice, for he gave his people his only Son, whom they put to death. Your Father knows what you long for; He knows what is most precious to you and what you fear most. I know what you want when you are unsure. Trust and follow me, for I will lead you. If you follow, I will give you what you want and deserve. For you will be rewarded. Those who follow Him are blessed and exalted, but those who refuse to touch his gifts and take his hand will not receive these gifts. They are still my children, whom I love, and I still give them another chance to take my hand and follow me.

For you must forget about your worldly possessions and follow me. You must trust me and leave your home and pick up your staff and follow your Lord and Shepherd. For when your Shepherd wants to take his sheep to new rich pastures, will you leave your old fields and home and trust your Shepherd or will you refuse to follow and remain? When your Master comes, who will follow him, and who will be unfaithful to him? For this is a test. It is I, your Master, and I am ready to take you to my best pastures, I want to lead you to your home of eternal happiness. Come, follow me, and I will take you home.