Post 280
(A guest post by Miriam C.)

December 2, 2017

My daughter, I love you. I am very pleased with your work and intention.

. . . those who honour and remember Christmas as Christ’s birth will be rewarded and remembered.

. . . Many accept only part of God’s blessings (gifts). For though you do not know the future, you must not underestimate the things in your midst. The question (you ask) is mysterious and deep, for I am happy for their family and their prayers are heard . . .

[“What should I do now?”]

For now, rest, and return tomorrow, for I have much I want to tell you and many others (the world). The interest you have in cultures and countries is one I am pleased with and will be incorporated into the plan, but do not let it hold you back from seeing me, for I love you and have much to explain and tell you and others through you; I have a plan for you and I want you to come even closer to me so I can guide you. My daughter, I love you.

Rejoice, for soon is the anniversary of the birth of Christ.