Post 313
(A guest post by Miriam C.)

December 20, 2017

My daughter, I love you.

The time is near when your Saviour shall come again. Rejoice, for now a time of victory is coming, a time of peace, a new era. Prepare for your Saviour.


By praying and going to confession. Change your cold hearts, change your cruel ways; repent, for your Father is waiting for you to come back to him. You are his child; he made you and knew you before left your mother’s womb. I loved you when you were an innocent child. I loved you and cared for you when you turned against me. I love you still, and care for you and protect you even when you hurt me and even when you hurt what is good. Come home to where your Father waits for you and loves you unconditionally. You will be rewarded, and given the grace to do what is good. I am your Shepherd. I will give you the grace to know to follow and to follow.

My children, you do not know what awaits you, you do not know how (well) I know what you want. There will be new forests where the trees were cut down. No one will need to worry about paper; the trees will be plentiful and flourish with fruit. The grass will become green, and artificial grass will be removed. Weeds will not reproduce so vigorously, but one will still be able to blow the white fluff from dandelions. The spray-paint on buildings and tunnels shall all be gone, and (even what seemed) permanent will go. Tattoos and piercings will all vanish. Food shall be plentiful and new varieties of fish and birds will come. There will no longer be strange animals of the sea; sting rays, sea snakes, crocodiles and all that is ugly will be gone. The land animals that are ugly and dangerous will also go — the snakes and the insects, the lizards and toads. For these were signs; as the lamb and the wolf are signs, so were the ugly creatures. But now is a new era, and now I want to show you (all) something else. I want to show you new horses, butterflies like rainbows, birds in new colours, new dolphins that can leap through the oceans. Everyone who wants to return to their homeland will be able to, and nothing will stop them. It will not be so expensive to fly, so that the children of poor families will be able to travel to see the creations of God.

Disneyland and artificial beauty will be changed into useable space. Homes will not be gigantic, they shall be built (according to) what you need for your family. For if you took one big house and changed it to match the personal size that the owners need, you could fit many pretty houses, for many families.

People will come to understand the Catholic faith in a deeper way. I love my people and I know what they wanted when they were little children.

I am glad you told those in FTR my message. I have many plans for all who will accept them. I have plans for their jobs, for their homes, for a family or religious life. Some of these plans they know, and some I will reveal later. I have plans for their families as well. I have FTR as part of the plan, a plan that will affect the world now and in the future. They are my children, whom I love and care for. I have loved them and watched them through their childhood to adulthood. I loved them even when they chose wrongly. I know what they want and what they care about. I know what is best for them and I will show them the way. Those who chose to follow (in FTR) will have a special purpose and role in my plan for when I come again . . .

Rejoice, for your Saviour and Shepherd will return, with many gifts for the world.