Post 341
(A guest post by Miriam C.)

December 21, 2017

My daughter, follow me and you will always be guided. Trust in me and you shall never be deceived. Love me and you will always be loved. You are my daughter and my child, whom I love.

The Father loves his children unconditionally. The Father gives his children many gifts: the earth, the oceans, the air, and animals. He made these gifts for you, for you to see his love and his power. He wants you to look up in awe at the sunset; he wants you to dance in his gardens, like little children. He made you these things to increase your joy and happiness. I do not want you to worry about the earth being hit by an asteroid; I do not want you to worry about the ocean’s uncleanness; I do not want you to worry about the air or the animals. I will make new animals. I will make new eagles and owls, whose eyes are no longer so pointed, but vultures will go [vanish], for they are signs of death. I can make the ocean clean, and the air fresh. The earth will change, but it will not be destroyed.

Honour your Creator; do not give credit to evolution or any other belief of how man came to be. I will make the world anew. I will clean human evil when I come again. Everyone will have clean water. The good and the wicked deeds will be recognized throughout the world.

Repent now. Change your actions now. For the time is near when the world will be healed.

Mary, your mother — she too will come. The angels of heaven, the guardian angels, and the archangels will all be visible to all. When the day comes, all shall be there, everyone on earth. Every land and valley (those who live there) will see the glory of God.

My daughter, tell those in FTR what I told you. For they wanted to know what plans I have for them, which I have partly revealed. Tell them, if they want these gifts and accept them, they shall receive them. If they do not believe them or do not want the gifts or FTR, they will not receive them. All who want my gifts can have them, and I will give them to anyone who accepts them.

O my children, prepare your hearts! A time of great joy is coming.