Post 342
(A guest post by Miriam C.)

December 22, 2017

My daughter, rejoice. A time of peace is near. Do not be afraid to believe. Do not prepare yourself to be disappointed. The Father never leads his children into regret and sorrow; he leads his children closer to him and closer to their home in heaven. He will make everything come true; you do not have to try to do anything humanly.

I have many gifts I want to give the world. I want to bring love and peace into the hearts of the wicked; I want them to not harden their hearts. As a mother follows and watches her child (even) as the child turns away from her and runs away, your Father in heaven watches and follows you. He watches the evil trick you and lead you astray, he watches you follow them away, he calls to you to tell you to stay near him, and you do not care; you do not listen. He watches you as you do wrong, he watches you hurt what is good and as you become like those who led you away from him. I called you, but you ignored me, I loved you but you hated me, I followed you and you ran away. I watch you as a parent watches his child. You run away from me and hurt me when I come to save you. But (even) as a father is pushed away by his child, how can he abandon his child? For the Father remembers when his child was young and needed and loved him; he remembers when his child was weak and without defence. How can he leave his own child?

I speak through your conscience. Never ignore it, for I speak to you through it to call you out of sin. Your conscience is like a sheepdog: it barks to its master telling him the wolves are near and the shepherd can then heed the calls and barking of his dog, or ignore them and tell the dog to quiet. This is like your conscience. It should be heeded, for it is my voice and meant as a guide.

My daughter, do not worry about the future. I will fulfill my promises and give to you what you want. I know what you want even when you are unsure; I know the way even when you do not understand. Trust in me, for I am your Father, I know what my children desire.

Justice is coming! Victories and vindications for all (who need them). I will sow new seeds and I will make the world anew.

The Righteous will be blessed and the wicked revealed. All will be seen in new light. Lies will be broken, truth shall reign. The love of God will be known. Intentions will be shown, feelings and actions shall be recognized.

One does not have to be a Christian to do good, and one does not have to be of a pagan religion to do worse evil than some. When the Christian ignores his conscience, it is worse than when the atheist does, for the Christian is closer to God and should recognize his Shepherd’s voice. The atheist has not made promises to love me, or keep my commandments. All people, regardless of religion or belief or culture, are my children, whom I love.

Let the earth rejoice, for your Redeemer shall return and bring world peace.