Post 343
(A guest post by Miriam C.)

December 24, 2017

My daughter, joy and peace are coming. Soon I will come again and bring food for the world. No longer shall one thirst, no longer shall one hunger, no longer shall one die in war or natural disasters. I will bring gifts to everyone, to the world. No one will not have something, whether it is a promise for them, a promise for their family, or a gift or promise for their country. No one will be excluded from this party.

Not all will receive all of my gifts; indeed, many will not, but it will be known that they were offered it, and they shall have no excuse. When it seemed impossible to believe, I showed them it was real. When it was too awkward to believe, I made it more natural. When it seemed too strange to believe, I showed you it could be strange but true. Even when it was possible to believe, even when it was natural to believe, even when it was strange but true, you rejected what I had. This is what you wanted, this is what you prayed for, but even when I appear and tell you I am there, you reject me. No one who rejected will not understand; they will know, and the world will know what they rejected.

I will come to every corner of the world. I will bring golden gifts which will be filled with peace, joy, love, food, water, and many more. Each country will be beautiful, with new forests, clean currents, flowers of God, sunsets of mercy, and rainbows of love. I give you, my people, the earth and its creatures as a sign of my love and my power.

By praying, you come closer to me, and I listen to your prayers. Even though you do not see me or hear me or feel me, I am very close to you when you pray. I listen to your prayers and I honour them. People do not understand the importance and power of prayers; they do not know the value. Prayers are like diamonds, whether they are the prayers of a child or an adult. You are never too old to ask things of me; you are never too hardened to come to me. My children, how I love you! How I want you to come to me, and I want to give you gifts. Adults are my children; their prayers are no less important than the child’s. The child is innocent and in need of caring. The young adult is wanting independence from care, even though they need it most. The older adult is often wiser but also often going into the depths of evil.

The young adult must be guided by his/her parents and cared for and nurtured, so when/if the child chooses to go astray, and runs away, the child will stay away from evil and follow their conscience more carefully, and one day, the child will return (if he/she ever went away).

[What about Venezuela?]

Justice will come, even though it is nowhere to be seen. Even though it is almost beyond imagination (for some), it is coming. I am coming, the giver of peace, the Prince of Peace. Poverty will go away; food will be available to all. No one will stop people from getting food; neither money nor location will stop the people from getting food, and no one will steal food. The corrupt governments will crash down, and fall down the cliffs. These are my people, and I have heard their cries. It is very displeasing to me (how the current situation is). I will bring them food and water. I will give them new birds and new animals; the old animals (insects etc.) will disappear and the new animals will take their place. Plums will be gone, but a new fruit, a fresh orange fruit, will replace it, which will be more tasty.

[What will happen to the USA?]

It will also be greatly changed. Its influence on other cultures will not be the same: it will not influence other cultures in a bad or displeasing way, and it will not influence them so greatly. The culture will not be so modern and cool as it is now. The internet will be of less importance: it will not distract people from me, and many things on it will go. The websites, the apps, and the articles are very displeasing to me. Hollywood will not exist; another place will be there instead. The corrupt leaders will be removed and the injustice will go. The weaponry will not be used and will be destroyed. The Americans and the Mexicans will not be divided. Any wall between two nations will crumble and turn to dust, for the Americans and the Mexicans are both my people, my children whom I love.

[What about Mexico?]

There will be food for all who hunger and drink for all who thirst. The deserts will flourish and be green, the sun will not kill, and the will air not be so hot and without breeze. The country will have peace and victories. Poverty will perish. They are blessed, for they are my people. It will be a safe and peaceful country, and it will also have new animals to replace old ones. There will be no natural disasters, and Mexico will be very beautiful.

[What about Spain?]

This country’s corrupt government will also be destroyed and replaced. “The unjust rulers will come down from their thrones and the unheard shall reign.” Catalonia will stay part of Spain and the Catalan and the Spanish will be one but both unique. The protest/ers will not be ignored or pushed away, for I hear their calls for victory and justice. It will be a very beautiful European country, as well.

[What about China?]

The culture of China will change greatly. The traditions will change also, for the old and young are equal. The old are not always wiser than the young. Woman and man: both are of equal importance and without one would not be the other. The Chinese will have just rulers. The religious/traditional beliefs will be changed and corrected. The Chinese will have many children, like other countries. The country will become beautiful and the way it should be. They are my people — my children, as all peoples are, and my children will be blessed.

[What about Ukraine?]

This will be a beautiful independent country. It will have peace. The war shall cease and people will return to their homes. The villages will be fully restored, as well as nature and harvest fields. Children will not be scared or frightened; they will be able to play without worry, and people will be able to walk in the evenings and in the day. The signs/remains of war will disappear and the damaged buildings will regain their old beauty. The disappeared will be found and the lost will come home into the arms of those who love them. The prisoners will be set free and any mistreatment (while in prison) will be undone; they will be restored. The soldiers will return home to their families, and the families will be reunited again. The families of the deceased (of those in the war) will have joy as well, a joy that will be understood later. The Russians and the Ukrainians will not clash or have tension. They will be able to be happily together. Friends will be able to be friends without feeling like they are betraying their country. The wrongdoings of the Russian leaders will not be forgotten, and they will be punished. Ukrainian leaders who acted wrongly will also be shown. There will not be tense ties between the countries, for both nations are my people. No nation is completely bad.

The countries suffering from war, poverty, hunger, thirst, destruction, injustice, crime, or cruelty will be vindicated, and the prayers, calls, and cries will be heard and heeded. There will no more be suffering from these things, and I will bring joy, food, drink, reparation, justice, peace, and vindications and victories.

When you are in pain come to me, and I will give you rest.