Post 344
(A guest post by Miriam C.)

December 26, 2017

My daughter, I have not forgotten; I remember and I will not let you trust in me and be disappointed. I always tell my children to trust. I always want them to. I gave promises to Abraham, Moses, and many of the prophets and people in the Bible, and I asked them to trust, and all of their promises were fulfilled.

My daughter, I did not leave them to be humiliated or neglected. I gave a child to Abraham, and later, I tested his faith yet again. And I did not let Abraham’s trust not have reward. I said to Noah that a flood would come, and I instructed him to build an ark. He built an ark when there was no sign of rain, in trust, and my words were fulfilled. Mary, your Mother, mother of the Church — she also believed. She said, “Let it be done according to thy word.” And the Word was made flesh. I will never leave you when you come to me and trust in me.

. . .

Trust in me. Trust in my love for you and my people; trust in my mercy. I show you my love. Do not disregard it and pretend I do not. My love is all around — in the moon and in the sun, in the stars and in the sky, in the sunset and the sunrise, in the mountain and in the valley, and in the rainbows and in the waterfalls. All around is my love.