Post 346
(A guest post by Miriam C.)

December 27, 2017

My daughter, I am glad you came. Never be afraid to come to me, and let nothing dissuade you from coming to me. I love you; let me be your comfort, let me be your strength, let me be your shield and sword. I am your protection, your guide, your love, and your home. Rest in me, come to me, trust in me, be guided through me, follow me, love me, as I love you. I am your Creator, I am your Redeemer, come to me. Never be afraid to ask me, never be afraid to be with me. The evil one will try anything and everything to break you away from me. He will tempt you with what care about, what you’re interested in, or what you love. I want you to come to me. There are many ways of doing so, but through prayer especially come to me. I talk to you and through you. I talk to people through your voice and your words.

Never be afraid to ask me a question because you do not know the answer. I will tell you the answer, if not now, then later, and it is I, your Father and Brother, your Savior and Redeemer, who is telling you the answers, and no other. That which does not make sense will soon. I do not mind your questions, for as you want to know and are curious about some things, so are others. Those who ask questions are heard and answered. I hear your questions before you ask them; I want you to ask me the mysterious or the human questions. I want you to ask me, and I am happy to answer, for I am your teacher and your master . . . I want you to ask me about what worries you; I want you to ask me what you wonder, whether it be about the stars in the sky or the trees that grow high to the clouds, or whether dogs are in heaven and whether angels have feathered wings. Never be afraid to ask me; I will answer your questions. I will answer the questions of others through you. I will address your fears and pains; I will guide you and show you the way. I will show you and give you understanding; I will guide you and bring you peace.

[Are there dogs in heaven, and do angels have feathered wings?]

Yes, my daughter, there are dogs in heaven, dogs who are loved and wanted by their owners. Some owners are with their dogs and some (owners) will be later. There are some dogs who do not have their master yet and are waiting. Not every dog is there, only the loved and wanted dogs. They are better trained and all get along. For I know what makes you happy, and I know what you miss, and whether it is a lot or a little, I see it.

Yes, angels do have feathered wings when they appear in human form. They have majestic wings that are feathered and white like the Christmas snow when it has freshly fallen. Angels’ wings are often not correctly depicted. They are neither fluffy nor thin. They are graceful yet mighty, and they are strong yet gentle. And they are not like a bird’s wing, no; they are quite different. However, the bird’s wing would be a closer imitation than they way they are currently drawn. Also, angels are always dressed in robes when they appear and should never be drawn otherwise. They often have another piece of cloth crossing that, however, different kinds of angels have different clothes.

[What about Japan and Korea (both parts)?]

Japan will change greatly. The crises and injustice will be fixed and repaired. The corruption and the ill-treatment will end. Those who labour will be rewarded. The hierarchy of the family will be destroyed in both countries (Japan and Korea). Their traditions and religious beliefs will be corrected. Their country will be beautiful and will be governed by the just and humble. Poverty will vanish and it shall be rich with my mercy and love. The Japanese (who left) will be able to come home again, for the reason they left, whatever that may be, will be fixed.

The Koreans, the Japanese, the Chinese and all the other Asian countries will be able to peacefully be together and socialize freely, no matter their social level or age. The cultures will change and be unique, yet all together as Asia and as my people. The food in the cultures will be mostly the same, but any stories about the food will go; it will be the food given by their Father.

The Korean culture will also change in the same way; it will change its hierarchical structure and its religious rituals. Some symbols of its culture will be changed. It will flourish with flowers and plants, and it will be green and safe. The poverty will be fixed, and food shall be plentiful. Peace will come, and South and North will be one. The rulers will step down, and new, just rulers who are looking out for the people will reign. The country shall be blessed, and I will guide their country. I will show them the way and change their hearts.

The country will be proud (in a good way) . . . it will be beautiful, as it was meant to be . . . I will make it new again, and it will have beautiful towns and nature.


And yes, cars will exist but not used as much as they are now. One will not need a car, but those who want one can have one. The stores will be nearby, so one need not drive, but those who enjoy it may. But they will not speed, and the police system will change to be just.

My daughter, I love you. Soon brightness and day will come, but until then, I will guide you through the darkness, and I will show you the way.