Post 347
(A guest post by Miriam C.)

December 28, 2017

My daughter, do not be afraid or worried. Do not worry about the future. Do not think about how, if I did not give you what I have said I will, so much pain and sorrow would follow . . . No, I am here leading you up to the highest mountains and through the densest forests; I am here to guide you, and I am here to bring you courage to continue believing.

My daughter, do not worry . . . I will be with you all the way. Hold my heart close to your own and I will show you where to go.

. . . It will not be as difficult as you imagine. Do not worry, those who seek to find the truth will find it. Those who dig to find true gold will have it. Do not worry . . .


. . . I have chosen the people in it to accept it or reject it. I have chosen these people for this test. Those who want it and believe it will receive it, and those who disbelieve and do not want it or do not like part of it (something in it or someone in it), will not receive it . . . I reveal to you the thoughts and intentions, good or bad, and who is worthy or wanting to stay. I will show you who should come and go and who should or can come back for another try. I will not let something happen that is not supposed to or something to be revealed that should not come out yet. I deliver the words to them, let them hear what is meant for them to hear. Do not worry; I control FTR, and it is not you deciding. It is not something you should worry about.

[The future?]

My daughter, you will be very happy and the earth . . . also. Humanity will turn from its wicked ways, different kinds of evil than when I came years ago. They shall see the power of God and the love of their Father.

Many books will be destroyed and torn . . .

There will not be these mass killings or shootings, and peace will come. Justice and victories shall flood the earth.

. . . Wrong religious beliefs will be destroyed. Christian churches will be fixed and the synagogues as well. They shall be altered but not destroyed. I will come, and it will not be the last day, no; it will be the beginnings of a new world.

My people will suffer no longer, for their Savior will return.

Do not be afraid to read what you have written. It is from me and no other.

[Second Message, December 28, 2017]

My daughter, do not be afraid to come to me for any reason; I will never answer with nothing when you come to me. Never be afraid because you do not know the answer, for I will tell you.

[What about all the disproofs?]

My daughter, you will be greatly rewarded for your believing even after all of them. This is great suffering, a kind that I do not usually let happen. Those who continue after they receive disproof are rich in heart and truly faithful; they shall be blessed. For all your disproofs from people, you will receive proof, and you shall be victorious. You shall be rewarded, and it shall be known you trusted, even through the darkest of hours. The mysteries of the disproofs will be shown and all shall be shown.

. . .

My daughter, this I will show you and explain. Not yet is that time, but do not worry or give up, for the time is near when it shall be understood. I will not reveal the answer to this now, but do not stop trusting because of this. It does not mean you were not supposed to trust or that I abandoned you . . . My daughter, do not be distressed; I am always with you. It is not the way it seems. I will explain, but for now, continue to believe and follow.

. . .

The story with them is not yet over, and will not be over even after. The story will not end sadly, for I know how to end the saddest tales with a happy ending and how to turn the tragic tales into joyful ones. For I know what should happen in the fairy tales to the villager and the villain. I know what should happen to the villain to give victory to the good and yet to end happily for everyone. This tale will show how to end the fairy tale. They will realize their mistakes and see what they lost and have done. They will feel the sorrow they should and realize the damage and pain they caused and truly regret it. The case of … is different from the case of the other two, but will end well. You . . . will have victories regarding what you were deprived of . . . and you will receive justice.

Not all will be happy and forgotten — no, but there will be no lonely feeling of detachment or sorrow. I know what you want and how to end the story. I will make all well and victorious. Everything shall be perfect. You will be very happy, and I will make this too be not sorrowful.

Come back to me if you have any more thoughts or wonderings. Do not be afraid to come to me with any question, even if you think it is silly, or if you have asked many times, or if you do not know the answer. Come to me always and I will guide you.

[Third Message, December 28, 2017]

My daughter, you can come to me as many times as you like in one day; never be afraid to come to me two times or three. I want you to come to me, and I want you to ask me questions.

. . . will also come to Canada, as well as their family. They will live nearby . . . and you will see them often. Their parents will become better . . . The other children . . . will also be taken care of. These children I love; I will protect them and you will have time to see them when you want. They will be very happy.

. . .

[What about Sweden?]

Sweden will be very beautiful, and it will be filled with love and peace. The parts of it that are not beautiful or that are needing changes will be fixed and become beautiful. All who suffer from poverty will suffer no longer.

. . .

It is more important to pray. Come back to me tomorrow though, for I know you still have many questions and I will answer all of them.