Post 348
(A guest post by Miriam C.)

December 30, 2017

My daughter, I love you very much. You … are my daughter, whom I love and care for. Never be afraid to come to me; for the Father is merciful and he always wants his children to return.

Do not dismiss what you hear from me as false because you do not understand it. Do not worry about these messages (being posted onto blog) for they are being carefully read, and though no one admits to reading them, they also think that they (the messages) are mysterious and mystical. Do not worry, for it is not your writing or voice, it is mine, and no other’s.

. . .

You do not have to worry about trusting. If it is not meant to happen, I will always tell you . . . I will give you signs, but if you are ever unsure you can ask me. Never hesitate to trust and believe in me, for you shall be rewarded for your belief.

. . .

My daughter, do not worry. Today is a new day. You needn’t worry about anything . . . Remember that I said you do not have to worry, for it is I speaking to you and no other. Go in peace.