Post 282
(A guest post by Miriam C.)

December 9, 2017

My daughter, I love you. Never be afraid to come to me and never doubt my love . . .

Now is a time to prepare; prepare for a rebirth; prepare for a special time. Trust in me; I will lead you, as I led my people . . . I am always with you — in the day, in the night, when night is day and when day is night. Do not be afraid to follow; do not be afraid to come. All are invited, women and men. I love my people. I am with you even when you cannot see me, even when you do not hear me; I am there when you feel lonely . . . Do not worry about how things will work, about how this could go wrong. I know what you want; I know what you need. I see the injustice that is hidden; I see the intentions and dangers at hand. People do not know what they are protected from; people do not see the damage wanting to be done. Justice is coming for all. Vindications and victories will arise. People will see and believe. Those who ignored will no longer be able to. People are not who they seem; only God can see their every action and intention.

This will not be the Day of Judgment; this is not the last day. It is another chance, another try for humanity. Those who are good in heart shall be blessed and exalted, and those who are wicked shall be revealed, for no longer will they hide in darkness; the evil within shall be shown. Not every action shall be revealed, but many intentions shall be known. All will see the Glory of God. And all shall be shown. The sun and the moon shall shine; what was uncertain shall be known. What was not understandable shall be clear, and what was unthinkable shall happen. Trust, and believe, for those who desire the gifts of God shall receive them.