Post 304

Did I Mention?


I like umbrellas that are clear and dome-shaped.

I don’t like math, physics or chemistry.

I like wearing pigtails on a hot day.

I don’t like waiting for medication at the pharmacy.

I like green vases, because they suit all kinds of flowers, and I especially like them if they are footed. I like footed vases in general.


I don’t like parkades.

I like getting green lights and green turning arrows.

I don’t like going through airport security.

I like ocean bays.

I don’t like acrylic yarn or fabric.


I like good conversation.

I don’t like the smell of cleaning products. I recently needed to get the Rocket fixed up for some minor body damage (someone must have bumped it while it was parked), and the body shop also “detailed” it (cleaned it), which meant that I needed to drive with the windows down for a good long while.

I like the shade of trees on a sunny day.

I don’t like needing eye glasses to read.

I like generous return policies.


I don’t like tattoos. They signal a lack of good judgment.

I like films and television shows, but I almost never watch them, because in order to find one worth watching, you would have to watch five hundred unworthy ones.

I don’t like it when hares try to eat the plants in my garden boxes.

I like the fur on my dog because it’s soft and neither too long nor too short, and just the right shade of brown.

I don’t like trying to understand flight reward miles or credit card point systems.


I like delphiniums and other blue flowers, such as brunnera and forget-me-nots.

I don’t like having to pay for grocery bags at the grocery store, but even worse is managing reusable or extra grocery bags.

I like being able to drive forward out of a parking spot, instead of reversing.

I don’t like vehicles with loud mufflers.

I like online grocery ordering. It’s nice to be able to decide on all your groceries at home, and then pick them up without wandering all around the grocery store. Some of the supermarkets are huge, and it takes a long time.


I like it when my home team wins.

I dislike it when priests distribute the Eucharist poorly. When it is done well, the person receiving has time to make an act of faith while the priest elevates it slightly. When Fr. Mike McC. does it, he doesn’t wait for the response (“Amen.”) He just takes the Body and puts it immediately into the parishioner’s open hand while saying “Body of Christ.” It’s faster for him that way.

I liked it when Korea defeated the reigning world champion, Germany, at the 2018 FIFA World Cup, and all the Mexicans were ecstatic. I liked it when Ukraine took first place at the FIFA U-20 World Cup Poland 2019, and Korea took second, and Ecuador and Panama took third and fourth.

I don’t like it when things don’t ship to Canada.

I like the smell and taste of grilled meat.


I don’t like hearing gross stories on the radio from the DJ or other listeners. And I especially dislike hearing gross stories from the pulpit. Fr. Samson David A. was the worst for this, because he relished incorporating disgusting and distasteful tales into his homilies. Indeed, he takes first, second, third, and fourth prize for the worst homilies I have heard in my not-so-short life so far.

I like having interesting magazines to read in a waiting area.

I don’t like it when I can’t connect to the internet, or when a device I’m using completely loses its charge.

I like bone china.

I don’t like icy sidewalks in the winter.


I like to go to little shops and look at all the little things they have for sale.

I don’t like amusement park rides.

I like diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, amethysts, aquamarine, citrine, topaz, tanzanite, and all other clear gems. I also like pearls.

I don’t like jade.

I like begonias and impatiens blooming profusely in the shade.


I like stone walls and cobblestone streets.

I don’t like thinking about how computers or cars work.

I like going to the farmer’s market in the summer and getting a big box of peaches.

I don’t like it when priests drive 2016 BMW X4 M40i s.

I like helping people learn English.


I don’t like it when neighbours neglect their front yard and home exterior.

I like going to parties, dinners, big events, and get-togethers of all kinds.

I don’t like being unable to unsubscribe from certain emails, such as the ones from “The American TFP” (The American Society for Truth, Faith and Property).

I like Rice Krispie squares.

I dislike changing my password.


I like riding on those motorized carts inside big airports.

I don’t like casinos, and I protest the participation of charitable and community organizations in their successful operation.

I like being able to cook well.

I dislike it when I want to pay by cash, but don’t have enough with me.

I like the air after it rains.


I dislike having to prove I’m not a robot.

I like waltzes.

I don’t like it when people double-park on a crowded Mass day.

I like having free time to catch up on everything.

I dislike it when priests exit the confessional without looking at or speaking to the disappointed parishioners waiting in line, and even worse is when they make it seem as if people are being a burden by coming when they do: “We priests often come at 3:30 to find a line forming. There is always time for a few confessions but priests need time to spiritually prepare to celebrate the Eucharist and cannot deal adequately with this long line. If Saturday confession has become your practice, please consider one of the other available times . . .”


I like carriage rides.

I dislike attending bank appointments.

I like pistachio-flavoured gelato.

I don’t like it when people lie to me or about me.

I like heavy proper furniture made of real wood.


I don’t like applying for scholarships or finding sponsors for my projects.

I like beeswax candles.

I don’t like it when people stand too close behind me in line.

I like looking at and sharing nice photographs.

I dislike it when people don’t say thank you.


I like seeing all the stars from a place away from the city lights.

I don’t like graffiti.

I like the glow of city lights.

I like neat handwriting.

I dislike suffering.


I like portulaca, because I met these flowers as a child, and I was astounded by their beauty. They remind me of tissue-paper crafts.

I don’t like uploading really large files.

I like tissue-paper crafts.

I don’t like downloading really large files.

I like coming home after being away.


I like music in the minor key.

I don’t like the writing of Ernest Hemingway, Flannery O’Connor or Thomas Merton, among others.

I like it when stains come out of clothing.

I don’t like most floral shirts.

I like laughing.


I dislike running late and showing up late.

I like knowing a good tailor.

I dislike seeing straws, water bottles or fast-food packaging after they’ve been used.

I like getting good advice.

I don’t like sad endings.


I like subtly striped sheets because then I know which way goes where.

I don’t like when my hands get chapped.

I like it when my favourite songs play on the radio.

I don’t like feeling excluded.

I like weddings and wedding anniversaries. I like wedding gowns and wedding flowers.


I like this day, July 31.

I like this summer.

I like the messages.

I like spending time with my family.

I like finishing and posting blog posts.