Post 63

Don't You Be Worryin' About Us

We’s fine
Just fine

We’s in our cocoon
All afternoon
And da night


We’s just fine, baby


Hit it boys.

We ain’t feeling blue
Just in our cocoon —

“Hey Pa, does that count as a rhyme?”
“Sure, son, just go easy on the ‘n,’ son”
“So: blue – cocoon? I can use it?”
“You bet.”
“Thanks, Pa”
“Anytime son,

We’s got cookies galore
We’s got chips we got pop
We’s havin’ a party
We party a lot

The dog she’s a barkin’
But she likes that too
She barks at the strangers
She warns us from danger
At the door
Good girl
You keep on barkin’
Howl at the moon
All you like


We’s is hibernatin’
Just us folks now

Til the moment is right

Send that singin’ teacher away
Piano no more – ‘cept a bit
(Alla’s a hit)
CCM she’s a goner
What else can we quit?
Hmm, nuthin’
Nuthin’ else yet.

Get off “Yahoo!”
Unplug the phone
CHAT, well, we’re done
(We’s prayin’ enuf.
And don’t need more stuff

(We ditched the kazoo
Believe me, it’s true.)

Hey, it’s gettin’ quiet
Yeah, it’s gettin’ real quiet-like,
Home on the range.


Look at the stars boy.
Real nice stars, them
Look at the moon, son.
Real nice.

Real nice.
Pass the dip, hey?

Let the phone ring.
Don’t get the door, son.
Take it easy, now.

Put your feet up.
While you can, son.

Won’t be long, son.
Til you’re gone, son.
You’re my lone son.
Wish you could stay.

See, “Hibernation”
Or what’d you call it?

Is good for the soul

Fancy word, but we’ll use it —
Them bears,
Throughout this great
(Any applause?)
This Land of ours,
They’s got it right.
‘specially in winter
‘specially at night.

It ain’t so bad
No it ain’t.

‘smatter of fact,
if that’s the term.

Here’s some chip dip
How ’bout a sandwich?
(Ice cream kind)

Let’s enjoy it, eh?
can’t afford
to lose the weight
we’ve put on
these last days

It ain’t our time yet
Not our time yet
To go out.
We’re stayin’ in.
We’re stayin’ put.

At least for today.
And prob’ly tonight.

Isolation, see
Can be real good, see

Read about it, son
Check it out, son
Wisdom magazine

Didn’t read it
myself no,
Probably won’t, no
(Got no time now)
But it’s what it says,

I’m pretty sure.

You’re my boy, son
You’re my precious boy

Don’t you hurry, now
Don’t rush and up and leave now,
you hear?

Needn’t rush, eh?
No need to hurry, hey
Yer ma-dear
She’d shed a tear, eh?
And I might too,

Stay home on the range
Home on the range,

You can always stay

Another night

One more night

Dem stars —

Bright tonight,