Post 224

Easy Come Easy Go:
Reflections on Snow Tires

It’s beautiful outside today. The hoar frost is thick and covers all the tree branches. Don’t you think it’s pretty? It’s like a different world when it’s like that.

The roads also have a dusting of snow, so I’m happy for my timing.

You see, the day before yesterday I took the Rocket in to have the wheels changed from all-season to winter. The tires are already on rims so it’s not a big deal for the shop to do a switch. The quote was sixty dollars plus 5% Goods and Services Tax.

I dropped off my Rocket and my keys and went to eat lunch at an Italian restaurant.

I got a seat near the fireplace. It wasn’t a real fireplace, but still, the concept was pleasant, because it was chilly outside.

I like those little wicker baskets they bring you, of just-baked bread covered in a cloth napkin. Somehow I always find that part exciting. I don’t know how many grams of bread I ate, but it did occur to me that if I had brought my kitchen scale, I could have weighed the bread.

I think that would be funny. Ooh, this slice is 16.5 grams! Tare it and add the butter — ah, 5 grams of burro!

I had angel hair pasta with chicken in a cream sauce. It was quite good. I don’t know how much that weighed either, and I can’t remember how much the dish cost, but I ate and paid and left, in the style of veni vidi vici.

I walked back to the shop.

Guy: Yes, so we’re done your vehicle.
Me: Okay
Guy: I have to tell you a couple of things about it.
(Cue music of Impending Doom)
Me: Okay
Guy: You’ve got the wrong kind of lug nuts on your wheels. They’re supposed to be like this (holding up shiny gold circular thing). Yours aren’t like this (referring to shiny gold circular thing), and so they’re actually damaging your wheels, digging into the rims.
Me: Oh
Guy: They’re not expensive to replace – just a couple of dollars each.
Me: So you didn’t go ahead and put on the right ones?
Guy: No, we never put new product onto the customer’s vehicles without clearing it with them first.
Me: Oh
Guy: And we couldn’t get a hold of you
Me: Oh
Guy: So just come back any time and we’ll put them on for you. It just takes a minute. But you should replace them, because the ones you have are damaging your wheels and eventually the wheels could fall off.
Me: Alright

I took my keys back and went to the van.

So I guess I’m set.