Post 338

Family Counselling, Part 14:

Jacob waits now
He waits for his sons
For Benjamin, his son by Rachel
For Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Is’sahar and Zebulun, his sons by Leah
For Dan and Nephtali, his sons by Bilhah
For Gad and Asher, his sons by Zilpah
Eleven sons, because long ago, he learned not to wait for twelve

Each of these he knew from birth
Each of these he held
Each of these he has loved from birth
Now each a man
Will all return?

Jacob waits now
Like many others have before him
Like many others will after him

What does he see?
Today, nothing
Like yesterday

What does he see?
Today, again, nothing
Like yesterday

When he was younger,
He too covered vast distances
Where has he not gone?
He has been everywhere
But not Egypt

They will return
Will they not?
Could he lose them all?

How foolhardy to send them all!
What folly especially to send Benjamin!
What use is Benjamin to that man?
Yet to me he is everything!
All that I have left of Rachel
The man will be merciful, will he not?
My sons will speak on my behalf
If only he will hear them!

Let the story not end thus!
It cannot end with me like this!
Surrounded by the sons and wives of my sons
The four sons of Reuben
The six sons of Simeon
The three sons of Levi
The three sons and two grandsons of Judah
The four sons of Is’sahar
The three sons of Zebulun
The seven sons of Gad
The four sons and two grandsons of Asher
The ten sons of Benjamin
The son of Dan
The four sons of Naphtali
Yet unable to provide for them
Unable to provide for anyone
A failed patriarch
Watching his entire family fall into ruin
At the mercy of a foreigner

Let the story not end thus!

Our food dwindles
But I cannot eat anyway

The sun sets and the house becomes quiet
But I cannot sleep anyway