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Frequently Unasked Questions

Question: Are angels real?
Answer: Yes

Question: Do angels have wings?
Answer: Angels don’t have bodies, but God can make them appear to have bodies. When angels do appear, they typically appear with wings. Sometimes they have the appearance of regular people.

Question: How fast are angels?
Answer: Very fast.

Question: Do angels do math?
Answer: Yes, but they won’t tell you the answers, generally.

Question: Does everyone have a guardian angel?
Answer: Yes

Question: What happens to the guardian angel if the person whom he is protecting turns away from God and goes to hell?
Answer: It is not as easy to go to hell as is commonly thought. An angel is, mystically, saddened when the person whom he is protecting does not follow God’s will. God does not allow the story to end here, however, and one day more shall be understood about God’s solution to this problem.

Question: Are angels actually people who lived good lives on earth?
Answer: No. Angels were created as angels.

Question: Do angels look like cute children?
Answer: When God gives angels an appearance, they typically look like handsome men or beautiful women, and not children.

Question: Are angels male or female?
Answer: Because angels do not have bodies, they are not male or female in the way that humans are, however, there are male angels and female angels, and they are equal to each other in power.

Question: Do angels have names?
Answer: Yes, but for the most part, the names are hidden from people. One should not attempt to name one’s guardian angel, though it is good to have an affection towards and a high regard for one’s angel.

Question: Are fairies real?
Answer: No

Question: Is it wrong to talk about fairies?
Answer: No, as long as you know they are not real.

Question: Are mermaids real?
Answer: No

Question: Is it wrong to talk about mermaids?
Answer: Mermaids are more problematic than fairies. I would advise against it.

Question: Are elves, forest spirits and gnomes real?
Answer: No

Question: Are vampires and zombies and monsters real?
Answer: No

Question: Are witches real?
Answer: Yes. There are practitioners of wicca.

Question: Are wizards real?
Answer: Yes. A wizard is a boy witch.

Question: Where do witches and wizards get their power?
Answer: They have no power. They attempt to get their power from the universe or from the devil, but the devil does not have any power to distribute. That’s why he has to get by on lies. Occasionally, God allows the devil to do some damage and to tempt human souls, but the devil, on his own, has no power, and God always ‘makes up’ for anything that God allows the devil to do.

Question: What about magic?
Answer: Magic is, similarly, an attempt to obtain power from the universe or from the devil, so the same answer applies.

Question: Are ghosts real?
Answer: No

Question: Are you sure?
Answer: Yes

Question: What about people coming back from the dead?
Answer: This does happen, but it is more correctly called an apparition. People cannot appear, however, if they are in purgatory or hell. The only people who can appear after death are those who have died and gone to heaven. When they appear, they look the same way that they looked on earth or else better. They won’t look inhuman or frightening. They are saints.

Question: What about all the stories of ghosts?
Answer: If the witness is being truthful, then they would have seen a demon, which is a fallen angel, and not the soul of a human who has died. The demon will not look like a person. It is extremely rare to see a demon, though some saints have seen them.

Question: What if the witness is not being truthful?
Answer: Then the witness will tell you all kinds of things. Usually, he will repeat, with some modifications, stories he has heard about ghosts.

Question: What about seances?
Answer: One should never attempt to ‘call up’ the spirit of someone who has died. This is different than prayer. A prayer which seeks the intervention of a saint does not involve inviting the saint to return, in any form, to earth. The only one on the other end of the seance ‘telephone line’ is the devil, and you do not want to speak to him because he has only lies to give you and besides, he hates you and wants to destroy you and your soul.

Question: If ghosts are not real, then why did Jesus use the word ‘ghost’ when he reassured his apostles that he was not a ghost?
Answer: The idea of a ghost has been around for a very long time. In Jesus’ time, the word was more strongly associated with the idea of a false vision (from the devil), as opposed to a talking being.

Question: Are aliens real?
Answer: No

Question: What about all the stories of alien sightings?
Answer: The witnesses are lying.