Post 92

Gingham Style (the Alternative)

So I’ve given up on asking store managers to quit it with the piped-in music. Besides, I had done my requisite thinking already.

We were in the dollar store.

The music was good. And it was surprisingly loud – louder and better than most.

Lawyers sometimes plead β€œin the alternative.” It goes like this: You did the catwalk. You did your little twist on the catwalk. But IN THE ALTERNATIVE, if you didn’t do your little twist on the catwalk, then you did your little twist near the catfood. Near the catfood. The catfood.

So I did it. (The alternative.)

Started dancing.

It was funny.

You should have been there.

The aisle where I first did it was narrow and almost empty. That was a starter.

But the till area was crowded. Quite a few people in line in that part. Holy Saturday. It was sunny and felt like Easter already. (And technically, it was past 5 o’clock.) The vigil.

ResponsibleOne and I, well, we kind of let ourselves go. (Dancing.)

I was wearing pink. As for the hair ribbon, well, what can I say – it matched. Pink and white gingham.

(Gingham style.)

In my defence, a good beat. In the alternative, it was one of those flash mob things, without the mob part.

We laughed as we paid, and as we walked back to the Rocket.

Ha ha ha ha

Happy Easter, Bunny!