Post 96
To Andriy

Is this a Rhetorical Question?

I still don’t want to see my statistics because I’m still trying not to care.

But really, how many of you are out there?

(Readers, that is.)

It feels really weird, see.

Things look different now. When I drive to Mass, I go through a jogging area of town. It’s basically the cream-of-the-crop spot for jogging around. That’s why I wrote about joggers especially. They came to mind because they were so boppity-bop here there and everywhere, like the Easter Bunny himself.

So I wrote what I wrote, posted my post.

And they’re – well, it’s different now. It just looks so different now. I drive the same route but people are dressed now, as in, they’re not head-to-toe-aerodynamic-can’t-have-that-air-slowin’-me-down like. Today I saw so few undressed like that and moving boing boing. I saw a lot of people, but they were doing something different. They were actually

(lean in please)


They were walking and strolling and talking and it reminded me of France.

Where am I?

They looked relaxed and happy and chatty and well, husband-and-wifey Romance.

I look out in puzzlement, in wonderment.

Is it –

Could it be –

It’s not because of –

(lean in please)

something I wrote?

Oh, it’s so weird. Second week in a row, I look out again, it’s definitely, most definitely, some strange kind of change. Have these people all been reading my mind? Or reading my, reading my – blog? Or is this pure coincidence some other writer some other motive some other perfectly explainable reason for this thing that I see?

What’s going on?

I suppose I could see it, I mean – there are a few readers I know of, some friends in this hometown, but still! I know one friend can tell another friend and so on and so forth, but still!

So weird.

And just the other day, I typed “Faithful Insight magazine” into the search engine. I wanted a phone number because it wasn’t in the magazine and I wanted to finally unsubscribe. What do I see? Well, it’s – choice number 3. Really. The last time I typed the name of my blog, I got a symbol from Norton safety watchdog, something yellow, meaning, don’t even know if that link is a real one. Now it’s number 3, and it’s the one post I hoped would go viral.

Does that mean –

Could that possibly be because –

Did it –

Did you –
(If so, I thank you!)

I shake my head. Don’t get all carried away. After all, EfficientOne is running the SEO tags, the SEO keywords and titles and descriptions. Those are on ‘automatic’ except where they’re not. Maybe he’s got them all figured out and the search engines just love them and it’s not how it seems, and maybe not many people would write online about a print magazine. Not many people with such-and-such tag, I said to myself.

Because – it would be too much to hope for.

Yet I can’t shake the thought.

Could it be that there are more of you out there than I actually imagine?

You’re awfully quiet, if you’re there.

At least, I don’t see you.

And I don’t hear your voice.

Are you real?

I know God is real, but are you?

Or are you a figment of my imagination? Some people I think I’m ‘talking’ to? Some people that almost seem to be ‘listening’?

I study what few joggers are left. They’re dressed. Those wearing less have their tops tied at their waist, or clutched in their hand, as if to say, “Look world, got my shirt! If I wanted to I could put it on At A Moment’s Notice.”

It’s as if the clock has been turned back, and people are wearing what used to be considered normal.

Is this all in my head, or is there some strange connection between what I type and what I see in my world?

I know that praying is real, but is my blogging real too?

Could it be that the world would respond? To something written by me?

Sure feels like it.

Feels a lot like it.

But how can this be?

How –

Can a person really make a difference sitting at a computer screen and typing some words?

I know that a person can make a difference with prayer – that part is easy – but to think that a stranger would react, someone I’ve never met, to something I wrote –

I just –

I don’t know if I’ve got that kind of belief –

I guess I’m ‘agnostic’

About stuff like that.

I’m a believer in the power of God

But I just –

Just don’t know

(Sure would be nice if it were true)


Just don’t know

If I’m a believer

in the power of

a blog.