Post 349
(A guest post by Miriam C.)

January 1, 2018

My daughter, I am glad you came. Trust and believe, for all will be fulfilled in its time. I will come neither too early nor too late. It will be an at unexpected hour, but at the right one. Nothing will stop it from happening when it is supposed to; you will be ready and waiting, for I have told you and you have believed. I will come at a special hour, an hour and day which will never be forgotten in all of humanity. This will be a rebirth, a new chance and path for humanity.

All shall come together and stand in awe; all shall be there, and all will be amazed. They will see what they thought was impossible, and they shall hear what they never even imagined. Indeed, this day will be recognized and remembered through the ages throughout the world. Those who were there will always remember, and they will tell their children and their children’s children, and it will be passed down the generations. Those who could not hear will hear, and those who could not see will see the glory and love of God.

Heaven and earth shall be there, angels and archangels, saints, and prophets of old. When I come again, I will bring mercy and peace to the world. Mary, your mother, mother of the human race, mother of mercy, mother of the Church, she too shall be there. On this day, the world will change; life will change. Those who were faithful shall be blessed, and those who hurt me shall be revealed and no longer able to hurt and cause pain without being known. Some imagine being there on the day of crucifixion and scorn those who pierced me, and vow they would never hurt me, yet when you turn against me, you pierce my heart again.

On the day I come again, the valleys will blossom, and the deserts will flourish. Walls and borders dividing nations or countries shall crumble, and peace will come to earth. Weapons will go, and you shall embrace each other with open arms. This day will be remembered, remembered far beyond any other worldly event, and it will be remembered forever. It will be a special day, not only on earth but in heaven and all those still in purgatory will come to heaven on this day. My timing is perfect, and it shall be at the right time.

Much that was not previously understood in the Church will become clear or be revealed through me, but not all by me; (it will also be) through others, who I will show. The Church shall be recognized throughout the world and many will convert. The dismissal of religion will be addressed, and the ones who doubted me will see and feel me. They will feel my wounds and touch my side.

Justice shall come again and the corrupt shall vanish and the evil destroyed. The law shall be changed to be just, and the unjust rules which humanity set shall be broken.

On this day, all will see their angels, and they will know that they have one and understand. The sun and the moon shall be united, and the sky shall be painted as the rainbow. The Church will come to a new understanding and stage; a new light will be shone.

I will come and give you vindication; I will bring justice and truth. All who disbelieved will see, and all who told you it could not be shall be known. Those who long for me and pray for help shall be saved and healed.

. . .

My daughter … I love you. You are my daughter and I am your Father and Brother. Trust in me, for I will come again and the Word will be made flesh, as it was many years ago.