Post 354
(A guest post by Miriam C.)

January 18, 2018

My daughter, you have returned. What has kept you from coming to me? When you are lonely or in need of comfort, come to me. Do not let anything keep you away from me; when you do not come to me, and are not fed by my voice, the evil one wants to feed you lies. It is when you are sad or lonely that you will most likely believe them. Do not let him fill you with lies and make you discouraged. Come to me; do not wait or hesitate. And even if you do not come, do not let him (the evil one) then tell you I will be angry with you since you did not, which is reason not to come again. I will guide you; I will lead you. I am here so you do not become disheartened or give up. I am here for you, my daughter. I am here to answer your questions and tend to your every need. I am with you from sunrise to sunset, morning to night. I am always with you, guiding you to your eternal home.

Do not hide or feel sorrowful inside; tell me your worries or your woes. Let me be your comfort; let me be your courage. I am here with you always to lead you.

[Do you love me? Are you mad at me?]
My daughter, I love you far beyond imagination. Never let anyone or anything deny my love for you. I love you more than words can tell. I love you, my daughter, for you are my precious child whom I created. I made you, and I knew you before you were born. I was with you before you left the womb, and I will be with you through every part of this journey. My love for you is everywhere — in the ocean waves and in the starry night, in your dreams and desires, and in the promises . . . I remember you, and I watch you. I will take care of you, and I will show you the way; follow me, do not be afraid to take my hand and place yours in mine.

. . .

My daughter, do not worry, you have done all I have asked you to do. You were willing to give this up, for my sake. And this is all I ask. You will not have to give this up; believe me, for I know the future.

. . .

[Thinking about FTR]
You do not have to worry about thinking about my gifts; these are gifts I have given to you. Do not worry about day-dreaming or thinking about my promises; I have given them to you to think about. I tell you things about my gifts I will bring to you; I want you to be curious and imagine. You believe it will happen, so you imagine how it will be and what it will be like, as the little child wonders about heaven. I give my gifts to you for a reason . . . Others will also be blessed, those who are in FTR, for example, and others who are not in it. But as I have told you, I have chosen those in it for a special blessing. Those who have suffered for me will also be blessed, and those who have been hurt will be vindicated. Those who had pain will no longer. But those who caused pain and suffering will be made known, as well those who suffered from them. Those who did evil will be shown, and their actions will not be forgotten. Justice will come, but those who sincerely repent for their ways will be forgiven. I have plans for all, and (I know) how to provide happy endings and justice for all. Everyone will benefit from it, but everyone will have different parts in it, which they can influence.

I have offered gifts to many, and some have accepted, but most rejected them. Some have accepted some, and some will receive but are unaware. But those who knew what they were rejecting and still rejected it have lost the most.

They rejected me, and so to them I say: I came to you, for you called me. I offered to you what you asked of me. I appeared to you, for you asked to see me. I showed you, for you asked for a sign. I had for you what you asked of me, yet you then turned away from me and rejected me. You cannot say I did not hear you; you cannot say I did not come to you; you cannot say I did not show you. I came to you with the thing you had prayed for, and you rejected it as well as me. How could you reject what you longed for? This was what you wanted, yet you rejected it. This was what you needed, yet you rejected it. This was what you asked for, yet you rejected it.

As you have seen, people reject what they need and want, as some rejected heaven, though they would be happy and need it. For some it is confusing how I could let people suffer. They doubt my love because they hear of hard suffering. And sometimes I do allow suffering, to a point. I allow special sufferings, with huge graces and rewards. However, sometimes it is the case I showed them. I came to them and offered them my gifts in answers to their cries. And they rejected me. This is not always the case, but people reject more often than some would believe. Some exaggerate more often than some would believe. Some pretend to have more pain than they really do, and some exaggerate the numbers. They do this for their pleasure in the moment, for their own image for various reasons and motives — to get sympathy or attention, praise or awe. Yet when they exaggerate these numbers or their personal pains, they defame their Father. I let certain things happen for a reason. I prevent many others from happening for a reason. I prevent much more often than I let, and if you could see what I prevent, you would see the evil. Sometimes I use suffering as a test, to see if even when they are suffering or in a hard situation they chose me or the easier way. I tested the saints and prophets; their faith was tested, and it is their strong faith for which they are also admired. I am also testing you, in a way I have never let happen before, but with results that have never happened before. I will lead you through this journey; all you must do is take my hand, and follow my voice, as children. For you are always my child. Even when you are older, even when you grow old, you will always be my child, my daughter, as I am your Father.

[Question about FTR]
Analyze it as much as you find interesting; FTR is a gift I have given to you, and for others. You accept and believe it, and that is how there is such a thing. Do not hesitate to ask if you have questions about it; I will never leave you empty-handed.

Have no worries. Do not worry about the time; you came. This is more important than anything else you would have been doing. Read what you have written when you doubt; come to me when you are lonely, even if you cannot write it down . . . I will remind you when you forget, but come to me. I will guide you. I have not forgotten about you, and I watch over you always. I gave you your angel to protect you and for you.

. . . You will have enough time, do not worry.

Never doubt my love; never doubt my words. Remember what I have said. If you do not feel loved, come to me. My love is in this sunset, in the sea, all around. I will always love you; you are always my daughter, and you are very precious to me. You are my child whom I created; you are my daughter whom I shall always love.