Post 355
(A guest post by Miriam C.)

January 19, 2018

My daughter, I am pleased you have returned. I was waiting for you; I wanted you to come. It is never too late to come to me, and it is never too early. Do not let anything keep you from me; remember what I have told you.

I said to you that you do not have to do anything more, and this is true. You have done all you needed to; you were willing to give even this up too, but you do not have to. Through your email, I gave her a message — a very important message, one which she needed to hear, and that I wanted to tell her. In her heart, she knows what she did, and she now knows to be more cautious. You can go to the party and be excited about this. It is in my hands; you do not have to worry.

Do not worry; you have enough time. Do not let this prevent you from coming to me. I will never be upset or angry with you for not coming to me. But I still want you to come, and I wait for you. Come closer to me; I still have many unrevealed mysteries and plans which I would like to tell you and many others. Do not hesitate to ask questions; for personal curiosity or on behalf of others. If you are curious about something, you also can ask me about it or talk to me about it. I know your personal interests; I know what you love and are interested in, and your interests are pleasing to me, and are part of my plan.

[What do you want to tell the world?]
I want to show them my love. I want to show them how much I love them. I want them to know me and accept me into their hearts. I want them to open their hearts, as doors opening to welcome me. I have many things I would like to tell them, but many do not listen to my voice or let me into their hearts.

. . . As for the messages (on, this is pleasing to me; many people read them closely . . . It has a stronger effect on those in need of help and in the countries mentioned. Those from these countries read the messages very carefully, and it gives them hope.

. . .

I love you very much; I have many plans for you. Come to me again tomorrow; I have more I still would like to tell you.