Post 350
(A guest post by Miriam C.)

January 2, 2018

My daughter, I am with you. Never hesitate to come to me. There are many ways to come to me — through prayer and the Mass, through the sacraments and through fasting, as well as many other ways. If you want to come to me and come closer to me, you can. I am waiting for you and ready for you with open arms. I want you to be happy and rejoice; I care for and love you like no other. I want you to come to me and I want to show you the way to heaven. I will guide you if you follow and accept my plan. I have a plan for everyone, for their future. And if you pray about your future and want to make the right choice, you will. If you do not care or have motives which are wrong, I will show you in some way that you are not choosing correctly, though you may not follow.

I speak to people more than they know; I speak through their conscience, I speak through atmosphere, I speak through coincidence and the similarities or situation. I speak through friends and relatives, not always but sometimes to certain people and through blogs or messages. I speak through the Pope and the Church, I speak to everyone in different ways. I speak through the sunset and the sunrise, the moon and the sun, the lamb and the wolves. Do not ignore what is around you and what I am trying to tell you. I will always show you the right path; I will not let you make a choice by mistake that is displeasing to me. I will never leave you alone to fall. Even if you ignore the sun, even if you ignore the stars, even if you ignore the vibrant colours of my love through the sunset or the books that have any good in them, even if you ignore your friend’s advice, even if you ignore your mother’s warning and the sirens in the distance, I still have many other ways to show you. I will never ‘give up’ on you, for somewhere in you is a heart, a soft spot which is not meant to be hardened or tough; it is supposed to be a caring heart, a merciful heart and one which is young.

Do not assume I only spoke to the saints or only to the people long ago. Do not assume that now I cannot speak to people because now is now and it is now impossible. No, at the time I spoke to some saints, no one would have guessed, for they felt the way people do now. Do not dismiss the possibility of miracles happening at any time; I do not come only when all is peaceful and just. Could it not also be when humanity is most in danger and most ignoring me, when it is corrupt and sorrowful and my children are calling for help? This is a time when humanity is in need. I will straighten the injustice and make known the wicked. The good I shall bless and evil shall be banished. I will show my children that I love them and show them my mercy. Turn away from your evil deeds, and repent, for the time is coming when I will reveal who did wrong and never admit it, never repented. Come to me, I will greet you with open arms, I will hold you close to me, I will hold you and love you with the same love I held you with when you were yet a child, long ago.