Post 356
(A guest post by Miriam C.)

January 25, 2018

My daughter, do not worry about anything, for it is all in my hands. The future itself cannot happen without me letting it. I will take care of you; you are under my protection.

I love you my daughter, and I have special plans for you. No one can take these plans away from you; they will happen because you accepted them . . . But I let you suffer like this because I have great rewards to follow. Your pain shall be healed and rewarded; you shall have a reward which no other has had, as the pain you suffered no other has suffered . . .

My daughter, I love you. I want you to take my heart and keep it close to you; I want you to love me as I love you. Let nothing separate you from your Father; let nothing separate you from your home in heaven. I will take care of you and watch over you always, and nothing can ever change this. I remember you when others don’t, I know you when others don’t, I love you when others don’t, and I do not forget when others do. Place your trust in me; lean on me as you would a staff. I will guide you as your shepherd; follow as sheep follow their master. Believe in me, and have no sorrow; do not shed tears, my daughter. I will console you when you are sad; come to me. I will call you. Never be worried about getting separated from me, for I am always with you. I will call you by name; heed my voice and return to me. I want to bring you closer; I want you to follow me further. Do not give up or lose hope. The time is drawing near. Do not try to forget how much you want it, do not ignore or disbelieve it. It is coming; I am coming. As the warm wind blows in soundlessly yet with a rush, I will come when no one is expecting, in triumph, and the trumpets will sound. The star will shine — the Bethlehem star; (it will be) shining in the east, near and far. I will bring warmth to this cold world and joy to the sorrowful. I will come again in a different way but for the same purpose — to lead my people. Those who disbelieved can feel my hands and side; and they will know it is I, and they will know it was I.

My daughter, I love you. Further than the blue sky, far beyond the moon and sun, deeper than the deepest sea — this is how great my love for you is. You are always loved. No matter where you go or what you do, I will always welcome you home and love you. Your dreams will come true, for I gave them to you. I offered you many gifts, and you accepted, and I will reward you for accepting; I will give you these gifts and vindications.

My daughter, here I am. It is I, your Father and Brother, Shepherd and Master. I will lead you and be with you always; never fear. I will show you the path when there is a fork in the road, and I will give you a bridge when there is a river in your way; I will redirect the way. If you follow me, nothing will stop you. Let me be your guide; put your trust in me and take my hand.