Post 353
(A guest post by Miriam C.)

January 6, 2018

My daughter, I am glad you have come.

Do not worry about . . . it went well as I told you. And do not worry about this either, it will go away.

My daughter, always come to me. I know what will make you happiest, and I will give this to you. Do not ever assume that I have told you everything, or that there is nothing more I could tell you, because you do not know. And do not worry about writing something down just because it is mysterious. There are so many mysteries; even in the Church, there are things (people) do not understand. Trust in me; come to me, for I know the future, your future.

Your future will be filled with happiness, from sunrise to sunset. I will show you much other joy in the world. You shall be blessed, and those who harmed you will see, and be known . . . you will have victory at last. And the others on the earth who did good and need justice — they too shall be blessed, and rewarded . . .

And if you cannot hear me, call to your mother Mary.

On this day, many things will change, as I have told you. There will be a reversal, a change in daily life for all. Those who are wicked shall be shown, and those who are righteous shall be rewarded. Those who have suffered, especially in war, shall be healed. The hardships of poverty and war shall go, and those who suffer shall no more. I will reveal more soon. This day will be an important day for everyone on earth and in heaven. Families will reunite, and the families of those who died will be comforted by what they see and hear. They too shall rejoice. The displaced shall return to their homeland, and those taken hostage shall be set free. Humanity will see the world anew, and I will lead you.