Post 271
(A guest post by Miriam C.)

November 17, 2017

. . . I am glad you are here; I have many things to tell you. Do not be afraid. I keep you safe from danger; I keep people safe from dangers that they are unaware of. Trust me; I will lead you. Even when you don’t know the way, I will guide you. Do not fear if you don’t know (the plan), for I do. Trust in me, for I led the people of Israel through the desert; just believe.

. . . A time of peace is coming.

. . . Just have faith in me. Place your trust in me; a father will not disappoint his children when they have placed all of their trust in him. The Father does not deceive his children. Indeed, it is the evil one who leads those astray . . . If you believe, it shall be fulfilled. I will protect you from evil. If you trust, nothing will harm you. The shepherd does not let his flock wander and get eaten by the wolves. As your Father protects you, I will too. I will guard you, and nothing will harm you

. . . I see not only the mountains, but over them, beyond the human eye. As I know (the plan), even if you do not understand, even if you do not know, I know. You will understand. I will lead you. You do not have to know the way, as long as you follow. I make the sunset, I create rainbows, I knew what you wanted before you knew.

. . . Those who work hard will be rewarded.

. . . Those who seek help shall be saved. Come and follow me. I will be with you all the way.