Post 276
(A guest post by Miriam C.)

November 18, 2017

. . . Trust in me. What I have promised will be fulfilled . . . Yes, it will fit with the promise; it will not be discarded/neglected . . . Yes, it is also part of the promised plan . . .

[How come so many people are mean? Why do so many people not care?]

My daughter, many people are careless, and many people lose hope. Many people do not trust in me and many do not follow me. They chose wrongly, but I will forgive those who come back, who turn around and come home – like the prodigal son. As the Father forgave them, the Father in heaven will forgive you.

I love you. Those who come to me — their souls will be healed, for the Father is merciful. Ask, and you shall receive. Come back to the Father, and you will be forgiven. As the Father loves you, he will forgive you.

. . . Do not be afraid, I will keep you safe from dangers.

The Father’s mercy is like falling raindrops; those who want them can take them. If one asks the Father for forgiveness, he will never deny it. Even when you hurt the Father, he will forgive you. Do not be ashamed to come to the Father for forgiveness. Like a father looks upon his child — when he sees his child’s sorrowful (apologetic) eyes, how can he not look upon his child with mercy? When the loving father sees his child truly sorry, how can he turn his back in rejection? The Father is always waiting for his children; he is always ready with open arms. The Father waits patiently for his children. As a shepherd watches his flock, the Father watches his people. All of the sheep are precious to the shepherd, as each of the people are precious to the Father. All of the nations are under his care, as the seas and earth are under his protection. For he controls the winds and the currents. He feeds the birds and the lions. He cares for his people, whom he guards. Regardless of which nation they are from, which empire they are under or what social level they are at, they are his people, his flock – who He loves and created.