Post 277
(A guest post by Miriam C.)

November 20, 2017

My daughter . . . I have many gifts I want to share, and the Mass is one of them. Through the Mass, you receive many gifts from the Holy Spirit. Through the Holy Sacraments, you receive many gifts. The Father wants to share with you all he has, and wants people to accept (take) his gifts, eagerly. He wants his people to come closer to him and he brings them closer to him through his gifts, (such as) the sacraments. The Father wants to pour his gifts upon his people. The Father gives his gifts to those who accept them and want to receive them. The gifts are there waiting to be taken, waiting to be received, and the Father waits, willing, wanting to share these treasures, as a King stands in the streets, offering gold to rich and poor, willing to share with anyone who will take it. Many people take some, but not all, while others reject it altogether. There are some who eagerly accept the gold — who see the value of it. And the King gladly gives all the gold to those who want it. While the Father is waiting to give his gifts, not all accept; many do not want what he generously offers. My daughter, so when the Father finds someone who will take his gifts — he willingly gives them all, asking nothing in return, but (for the receiver) to trust and believe. The Father never breaks his promise; he never fails to fulfill his promise, for with the Father nothing is impossible.

. . . The gifts of the Father are open to everyone, yet many reject what the Lord has planned for them. Many do not trust that the Lord will lead them, and turn away. The Father does not forget them and let them fall into the traps of the devil. They choose to turn their backs on the Lord, their God. They reject him, but he does not reject them. He watches them choose, time and time again, to betray him. He watches as they ignore his voice (through their conscience). He waits, and wants them to come back to him; he wants them to turn around. They need not be too ashamed to come to the Lord, for He has been waiting for their return. He wants to share with them. He is merciful and gracious; he wants to cleanse the souls of those in danger. The gifts of the Lord should be heeded and not ignored (dismissed). He wants to show his love and he waits for them to come home. He waits for them to come to him in heaven, because he loves them.

[Why do so many people not accept them?]

Many people reject the gifts of the Father, as you have seen . . . I have chosen you to spread my messages of love. I want you to record what you hear from me. . . He (God) wants you to accept his treasures with joy and trust that he will fulfill his word. Many do not believe; many do not want to accept his gifts for simple reasons. They dismiss the gifts as ‘too awkward,’ too strange’ or ‘too hard to believe.’ However, with His promises, the Father gives yet another gift — like the wrapping paper of a present — the strength to believe and the courage to trust. Though things do not always seem true, though you do not always see the way, I will guide you and give you enough trust to follow. As the sheep follow the shepherd’s voice, I will guide you with mine (my voice). I will show you the way; I will lead you, not only by my voice; I will show you the path to eternal happiness.