Post 370
To Our Lady, who plays chess perfectly

November 23 & 24

This is the sixth anniversary
Of something sweet
The beginning of a new world
That turned some lives
Upside down and right side up
All at the same time

Jesus, we trust in you.

This is the sixth anniversary
Of first secrets revealed
Of promises made
And companionship in the darkest hour

Two years filled to the brim
With the unexpected the undeserved and the extraordinary
Oh the thoughts of the dog!
The thoughts of the dog

Two years filled to the brim
With spiritual stuff you couldn’t imagine
Of words you didn’t make up
Like the thoughts of the dog

And then a third year
Steadier stronger
Budding and blooming
Victories successes and garlands of flowers

A third year
That was nevertheless
Understood best
As another year of waiting

Ah yes

And then a fourth year
A year of growing closer
A year of understanding
That the future depends upon circling back to the beginning
The garden the tree the fruit the temptation the choice
A plan so perfect so simple so complete so generous so sweet
That it could only be God’s

There has never been a drama like this
No writer like this
As for me
I did my part but I never knew my role
Consider me astounded

The ring is on my finger
Seven diamonds are mine
But the struggle is not over
The work continues
As does the wait

Ah yes

A fifth year
Consider us blessed
Though we are unseen by those
Who thought they knew us best
And seen as nobody by the rest
Consider us blessed

The past fades from view
Yet it is a treasure which cannot be taken
The future is astounding
Yet the path to honour is perplexing
The present is working and playing and waiting
Yet we are told it has meaning

Children are we
Younger than before
Yet wiser
Taught and tested
Set apart yet never alone
But still, a child will ask,
Are we there yet?

Ah yes

And then a sixth year
Containing the final laps on the track
And at last, victory
Those who gave everything
Received everything

Yet as stunning as it was and as stunning as it is
This is merely one jewel in the crown
Imagine the crown!

This is merely one part of the race
Fathom the distance!

Ah, but you will not and cannot imagine
You have no inkling
Of either the suffering which was so deep
Relentless and perplexing
Or the promised victory which allows us to wait

We can wait
Long after the sun goes down
Long after the beaches are empty
Long after everyone is asleep in their beds

Alone in the dark night
Beacon and friend yet friendless
The waves crash against the rocks
And the night is long

We will be here
The light shines from the window
Covered by neither bushel nor blinds
Yes, we are still awake
Your questions are questionable
You see for yourself
The oil in our lanterns blazes bright
As we wait

This is the sixth anniversary
Of looking at the sky and looking at the sun
And the stars and the clouds and the moon
And wondering when
It will all come true

Jesus, we trust in you
Jezu, ufam Tobie