Post 124
to Prince

Now Doves Cry


So I read that Prince disliked the internet.

Was that true?

Did you dislike everything about it, Prince, or something specific?

Were you often



Outputs instead of inputs?

Wish I could know

Wish we could talk

I’m often offline myself

Don’t do many searches

Don’t troll the ‘net

Don’t peek into the neighbour’s backyard with aerial-photo Googly-eyes
Don’t sneak and spy about a house-for-sale I ain’t buyin’
Don’t try to find that story about some should-be-fired cabbie taping a mayor from Calg’ry
Don’t even stay up-to-date about the fire of McMurray


And I don’t read the tweets

Don’t even find out what the weather will be
(It will be what it is)


That’s how it happened, you see

That I didn’t find out, until today

– Quite unconnected, quite unaware
Of the gossip and the ‘news’ of the world –

I didn’t find out, until today, fifth of May, that

Prince passed away.

(Saw the magazine covers – grocery store)

So I went online

Did a search (StartPage)


Yes, you have died.

You’re gone.

Wish you had stayed.

I would have invited you

To my birthday party


And you would have sung

For the millionth time

Little Red Corvette I Want to Be Your Lover 1999 Raspberry Beret Let’s Go Crazy U Got the Look

When Doves Cry

And so on.

But I see,

It won’t be quite like that


April 21 –


You were busy that day

A day that didn’t go as you had planned either, hey?

My birthday

The day

I noted

With dismay

That the cake was cut

(Tampered with)

And no singing was done


An interruption and violation

of honest tradition.

(Sad face.)


You were dying

Some pills

(Tampered with)

You were dying

And your singing was

You died

And your singing was



An interruption and violation

of the worst kind!

(False face.)

Yet a story familiar

Hmm –

Yes, said the mystics

A story called

Julius and Brutus

Brutus and Julius


Jealous Brutus!

Hot-headed and wild

Dishonoured his friend

While acting all mild

And kind

(An old script

Lying here and lying there.)

For shame!

So now I guess

We have this odd little link


You and I

Plus Her Majesty, the Queen

(Though I note, you and she are royalty)

A date:

April 21.

Our date.

So anyway,

(And by the way, Sinead: shut up already; you err)

Just now

As a sort of a tribute

And a decades-later refresher of sorts

I went onto “YouTube”

(Google Inc too, I’ve been told)

And I saw you sing

Like you did

Back then

Nowadays the lyrics

Are quite easy to get


Ha ha

(So you’re NOT singing, “I want to be the only one you cook for”)

And so I suppose

You and I shouldn’t actually complain

About the internet


About Google

(Creepy – StartPage if you must; searches not saved)

And G-mail

(Creepy – I pay to use Hushmail myself; no ads and emails not scanned)

And GoogleMaps

(Creepy – only when desperate; is there an alternative?)

After all

I suppose

If it weren’t for the internet

Nobody could read this

At least

Not so fast

Not so easily

So I shouldn’t actually complain

But I do

At least

About Google

For you


With you

This time


Hey Prince!

How about

We go after Google?

After all

Soon after posting

About an addictive sibling-squabbling segmented toy

I only half-jokingly said,

(Not thinking that I was doing much more than thinking aloud)

Don’t remember the context

“Remember: Google is bad.”

And then


And then

I groaned

Oh man

That’s not my next post

Is it


I had thought that Plastic Grid Toy was as big as they get

(I had forgotten about that irritant of mine

An old ‘friend’ with the googly eyes)

I had gotten so entirely used to my personal and historic dislike

(No secret to those who know me)

of the profitable omnipresent faceless Corporation called


that I had forgotten

that I was one of the silly ones

who so regularly protested

this silent Big Brother

this Orwellian monster

this out-of-control unavoidable inextinguishable

Orange and yellow flame

that covers the earth

yet wants more

and more

and more

every day.


Maybe we’re near the end

Of its total control


Orange and yellow flame,

Consuming all in your way,

Maybe it’s time.

I suppose we’ll see.

Against Google, GoogleAds and all things related

I call upon a


with, arguably, no name

Who inspired

Purple Rain.


Let it rain!

Purple Rain

Extinguish what you dislike

About the internet!

What would you select,


Let me guess –

Can the world imagine

a world without Prince?

Can the world imagine

a world without Google?


Maybe Prince could

Imagine a world without Google Ads Inc.

He wasn’t granted such a world then

But he’s got such a world now.

Dear Prince,

You can’t come to my party

You can’t eat the cake

Or have it

But it’s okay

Because you beat me to heaven,


And that’s even better

Than carrot cake

From the very best place