Post 156

Orbit: A Bit About You

I used to be so
Dazzled by you.

I considered myself an earthling
With my feet on the ground

But you

You were Out There

You weren’t like me

You circled the sun
So fast
You were so hot
Burning up
Gold, tested and true
On fire with love
So close to God

I used to be so
Dazzled by you

And then


The truth came out
(It always does.)

So now I know.

“I see.”
I said.

So that’s what you’re like.

“I see.”
I said.

I am no longer
Dazzled by you.

I consider myself an earthling
With my feet on the ground

But you

You are Out There


You aren’t like me

You circle the sun
So slowly
You are so cold
Calculating and shrewd
A heart empty of love
So far from God

You are like Pluto

And I don’t see you
When my face
(Such as it is, unsightly to some)
Is turned towards the Son

I don’t discount you
(How wrong to unlist Pluto)


I don’t say you’re not there
(I know you’re somewhere
Out there)


At this point

I feel no “gravitational pull”
In your direction
No tug at my core

We orbit

Parallel lives, sometimes,
I suppose
(I wouldn’t know)

And yet


Entirely separate

I have no ill will
Towards Pluto

Indeed –
Continue your journey
(Like me,
A mere earthling)

I encourage you to circle
Around the same Son
(Lots of room here)

And I feel no anger
No resentment
Or desire for revenge

Nothing like that
Nothing like that

It’s just

It’s just

I have no desire –
No “gravitational pull”
No tug at my core –

To take any kind of trip
To Pluto.

You could say
The darkness and hardness of Pluto
Beckons me not –


Out There