Post 226

Peak Performer: Popular Posts From Before

Today I checked to see which posts have more hits than others.  Some bloggers have this computation built into their sites, but I did it manually.  I’ve never done this systematically before, but in the last couple of days I’ve been curious about it.

(In order to qualify, the post has to be numbered 1 – 150.  That has to do with clicking and hits and the design of this site and technical factors which I’m afraid I would explain incorrectly. My version, if you Know Better, would cause you to chortle to yourself or, if you don’t Know Better, could cause you to misunderstand how Such Things Work, and set you up to say Stupid Things, which would cause those who Know Better to chortle to themselves.  In other words, I’ll spare you the technical explanation and the world will be a better place.)

Here are the top 11, with the most popular ones at the top.  I found it rather interesting.

Post 43 Zoom Zoom Beep Beep: Reflections on a Restless Culture
Post 53 One Candle: Reflections at Christmastide
Post 45 Flubbed Lines: A Prayer About the Letter F
Post 18 Zip it: Five Reasons Not to Blog
Post 3 Unprofitable Talents: Reflections on Hobbies
Post 20 Bystander: Reflections on the Context of Suffering
Post 144 The Show Mustn’t Go On: Reflections on Turning the Basilica into a Concert Hall
Post 118 Watering on Wednesday: Full-Blast Rock(et) Gardening
Post 19 Blogging: Reflections on Reflecting Aloud
Post 21 Charlie Charlie: Reflections on Summoning a Demon
Post 15 The Real Me: Reflections on Unconditional Love