Post 85

Pro-Baby, Pro-Mother, Pro-Pregnant Lady:
Part Four of Advice for Those in Pro-Life

The women who work at the abortion clinics are often in trouble themselves.

I’m thinking – it must be – that a key way to wound this death-be-done Abortion Industry is to steal the workers.

Yet I begin this post without knowing exactly how to proceed.


Bear with me please.

I trust that by the time I’m done, something will surface. After all, this is a critical piece of the puzzle.

How do I know they’re in trouble?

It’s obvious.

I know that if you did a survey of little girls, aged 3-9 let’s say, you won’t find a single one of them who plan to grow up to “work” in such a horrid place, where women enter feeling discouraged and scared, and where they leave feeling confused, violated, and empty.

(Abortion = Pro-Woman? Never was even remotely true. Does anybody still believe that? Lie of the century. Who falls for that one nowadays? Abortion is LUCRATIVE = someone’s making a profit.)

True, most little girls (happily) don’t know that such an occupation exists, but would you like to enter into a bet, involving great sums of money? You can bet, if you choose, that if little girls knew what such workers do, they’d be happy to pursue such a ‘dream come true.’

I’ll bet against you.

These women work at these places for the money, plain and simple. And: they need to be rescued.

Are you thinking about them?

What was your plan then? To rescue the babies, and maybe (if they repent) the mothers, then care nothing for the workers and the doctors themselves?


There are the good guys (innocent babies) and then everyone else is bad?


You’ll save the babies, but then everyone else is trash?

A conditional sort of love, this is. You talk about how babies are being aborted who would have grown up to become great thinkers or contributors, and you have stories about how so-and-so Mr. Fancy nearly did get aborted (Wow, that was close! Imagine life without Mr. Famoso – But really, is his life dearer than the lives of the rest?), yet there’s something you’re missing.

Something you’re missing.

It seems your love stops just a little too short.

It stops right about here.

You love the unborn, the baby who didn’t commit any crimes, but what about the baby who grows up and needs a few dimes? She’s down on her luck and think she needs work. She sees an ad, it sounds pretty good. The pay is decent, the hours not bad. The location is good, and they say they will train. Hmm. Interview goes pretty well. I’m hired! It’s swell! Except, well, except when it isn’t. But oh well, another day another dollar?

She sees it something like this:

There are those pro-lifers outside of the clinic.
They sure care a lot about baby unborn.
They hate me, I’m sure, don’t care none about me.
In their eyes I’m garbage, a criminal free.

Home time.

I’ll get in my car, drive away nice and fast.
Won’t look at them, they wouldn’t understand.

Stop at the grocery store.
Today’s Friday.
Got cash.

Juice boxes for Monday.
Toilet paper’s on special.
And for supper?
I’ll microwave this Turkey with Veggies Big Man TV dinner.

The magazine cover shows all about Trump.
I wonder.
Don’t think I’ll splurge – I’ll just read while I wait.

Waiting in line.

Two girls are in front; they chatter together.
I listen in now, they won’t know that I do.

I listen.

They are happy, but they speak of –

They speak of –

They speak of my Industry, the stuff that I do.

They talk.

These are some of the ones standing out there.

Maybe they saw
Maybe they recognize

Can they tell?
No, they can’t tell.

They don’t know what I did just two hours ago.
They don’t know that I do it, many times through the day.

Oh good, now they’re gone.
They’re gone with their talk.

Don’t think they can tell.
I don’t think it shows, what I do in the day.

Wonder what they’d say.
What they’d say to my face.

But what can I do?
We got bills.
I need pay.
Money is money, nobody cares how I get it.

(Certainly, not those two.)

The magazine – it goes back.
My turn.
My groceries go here.

TV dinner, toilet paper, juice boxes.
There was something else, but now I forgot.

What was it?

If we fast forward to next year, when abortion is unthinkable, there are going to be women and men (workers, nurses and doctors) who won’t have any work anymore. At that point, the economy is going to be re-absorbing those who want to keep working. Otherwise, they will be unemployed.

What will they do then?

Do you care?

You should care.

If you begin by thinking about things from the perspective of the abortion clinic worker, you’ll be starting from a strategically interesting point. It’s kind of like suddenly using an unused player on the chess board. Nobody expects you to start doing anything really innovative with the bishop or the knight, but why not? Surprise is nice.

Let’s start stealing the workers, enticing them elsewhere. Anybody got cash? It’s now time to use it in this direction. If you have room to hire more staff, think of this angle. After all, every business owner knows how difficult it is to run a business when you keep losing your staff.

If this is a war, let’s encourage defection.

My understanding is that there is a woman who was a worker who has switched to the pro-life side, and she is now relatively famous in pro-life circles. That’s nice.

But what is the pro-life community doing, on an everyday basis, to reach out to these workers, and what is their attitude towards them?

Think of their needs, and soon you’ll have the key.

There’s a key that unlocks the door and sets them really free.

I don’t think that seeing those Large Print signs is that key.

That’s not it.


It seems like it’s just like abortion itself, really. It’s all about alternatives, and offering them.

I hear that the pro-life community views itself as being able to offer an alternative to the women considering abortion. I hear that the pro-life community views itself as being able to offer an entirely different and wholesome future to those facing a “crisis pregnancy” (two words which should not appear side-by-side, because it perpetuates the lie that a pregnancy can be a crisis. It never is a crisis, no matter what the context; it’s always a gift).

So then, why not apply this same creativity to a different sort of rescue?

Think of how you could entice such workers into proper, more humane employment.

Don’t tell them their current work is sinful, bad or a terrible crime. Not a good starting point (or mid-point or end-point, as a matter of fact.)

Tell them something good. The good truth is this: every human being is too good to be doing such work. There is nobody, on the face of this earth, who is not massively, infinitely overqualified for such lowly, disgusting “work.” No person was meant to do this; no person should. It is unsuited to the dignity of the human person to participate in such “work.”

After all, they are toiling where no human should toil. They are doing what no human should do.

They are, in a very important sense, prisoners. These are your brothers and sisters, and they believe a lie. They believe that they won’t be able to find anything better, that they can’t do anything else for that kind of money, that there are no other or better opportunities for them at this time.

All lies.

There are other jobs; there are other opportunities. If we open our hearts, we can pull our good brothers and sisters out of these places, these hell-holes. Even better, we can stop them from going in.

Show them that this is a lie. Show them that there are other places. As for how, start with the locations where a person first looks for work.

You have to catch them there.

It’s a new campaign. It has as its symbol, a red heart. This is fitting because the pro-life movement so often talks of how abortion stops a beating heart. Indeed. But it’s a reminder to those in pro-life about the openness that the pro-lifers themselves need to have.

The red heart is shaped just normally, like this.

I don’t know what shortcut on the keyboard to use in order to make it appear, but the idea here is that this heart would mean that the employer accepts those individuals who are looking to escape abortion work.

Far too often, pro-lifers close their hearts against everyone inside that clinic except for the unborn baby. The truth is, the biggest victims in that clinic are those who are most attached to the place, who see the work at the clinic as their only choice. They are the ones who are the least free of all.

When they look outside the clinic, they do not see a welcome. They see a sea (or a smattering) of pro-life faces who, they think, hate them. They believe that now they won’t be able to ever make a different choice. They figure, ironically, that they are now ‘lifers.’

Show them that a reversal is possible. Show them that they can choose anew (be “pro-choice,” ha ha). Show them that your business welcomes their contribution, and welcomes their talents as human beings. Show them that you know they are better than this “work” that they’ve been doing. (They are.) Show them that you can separate the person from the action.

As for sin, that’s for them to work out between themselves and God himself. You’re not their confessor.

You have a different task. You need to show them that you are open to accepting them.

The heart will mean that you welcome “defectors.” At first, this campaign would need some traction, and that would take some doing. At first, people will need to use Facebook and Twitter and so on, and maybe take out little tiny ads inside the “Jobs” section of the newspaper to explain what the heart means.

The heart means that you will accept applications from those with this background. You won’t grill them, you won’t judge them, you won’t question. You’ll just accept their application, and you’ll treat it with respect. I don’t see that it needs to be exclusively used by pro-lifers. Obviously, those who are pro-abortion would, in theory, be fine with a sign of welcome to those who had worked previously in the Abortion Industry. (This could get very interesting very quickly. The enemy will be confused – do I use the heart to show that I accept former workers, or does that make it seem like I myself am pro-life?)

You, the pro-lifer with Hiring Power, will say to yourself, ah, here’s a woman who answered the phone at the abortion clinic. I see she has such-and-such software know-how. She has x years of experience. She has a nice voice and good manners. She is appropriately dressed. She seems keen to start.

Yes. Consider her, the same way you’d consider any other candidate. Don’t hold it against her, that she worked over there. But be fair. The other candidates also need their chance to impress. Don’t tilt the playing field. Play it fair and square; keep it level: who would suit the job that you post?

But put that heart on your ad. It will mean, at least, that she can apply. It will mean, at least, that you open your door. It will mean that you open your heart. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is an unintended positive spin-off effect: other candidates who weren’t involved at all in the Abortion Industry will get the impression that you may be an employer who is a little more understanding than most – you may get a better and wider selection of applicants for the positions you post.

As for the doctors, here it’s the same. When you recruit for new doctors, be ready with your heart. Let
any and all know that you would. Let any and all know that you’d be ready to hire a physician who is wanting to be done. He always was too good for it, as all humans are. She always was too good for it, as all humans are.

The Abortion Industry is going to implode, and it’ll go fast, so let’s get ready to welcome all defectors, the first and the last. At first just a trickle, but then it’ll be more.

Be ready, be willing, open your heart.

And open your door.