Post 321


God is like a professor who gives an exam.
He explains exactly what the students must study.
The materials are clear, with examples aplenty.

He gives adequate warning and time to prepare.
Class time is devoted to practice and drill.
Here’s the pre-test; the exam will be like this.

Yet when test day arrives,
Some ask for more time (An extension is granted.)
While others don’t bother to show. (An extension is granted).

He hands out the exams.
Some students are stumped; their preparation was shoddy.
Their answers are guesses, and their guesses are wrong.

Soon the examination is over; the clock says it’s time.
But he waits for the straggler.
(To snuff the wavering wick isn’t his style.)

Now the students are gone.
They are glad to be done.

Alone, he sighs as he reviews the finished exams.
Success was so possible
‘Twas there for the taking.
And yet —

Can he give partial marks?
He gives what he can.
And those who fail
May rewrite if they want.

As he walks to his car, he wonders to himself.
Are these the same students
He taught day in and day out?
Are these the same students
Seemingly so eager to learn?
Where is the effort?
Where is the will?



Over here
Here is the will, but
Nothing more, Lord!
I have nothing more
But I wish I did!
I wish I had all the meekness and patience
The determination and the strength
The early risings and the love of suffering
It’s not me you can use
Not yet, anyway
I wish it were me
What can you do with me?
My shelves are full of books
I know the stories
I see the examples
So many
So good
I am not of their number
I am not like them
I am every year older
Yet I am never any better
What can you do with me?
My shelves are full of books
The stories of the good
Demonstrate the distance
Between what I am
And what I was meant to be
If only I were the way you wanted me to be!
So meek and so calm
Serene as can be
A heart full of peace
Unafraid of sacrifice
Unafraid of suffering
Prayerful and punctual and everything else
But above all
So full of love
As I was meant to be

Such was my lament
Oh! I didn’t know
The value of wishing
I didn’t know
The value of wanting
I didn’t know
The value of the will

God is like a professor
Who considers the effort
He sees what we want
And if we want what is good
Our wanting is counted to us as righteousness
Suddenly what seemed to be failure
Is a shiny